How Pressure From Parents Has Confined My Friend To Four Walls

Posted on November 15, 2016

By Urvashi Rawat:

Being confined to the four walls of a room, at that stage of your life when you aspire to spread out your arms and fly high up in the sky can be very hurtful. Under such circumstances one feels reduced – from being an open free flying bird to a puppet in the hands of few people. You are bound to accept the things as they are, and live your life the way others want you to do. This is what happened with Madhu (name changed) when her parents came to know about her five-year-long relationship with a boy.

The story began somewhere in 2011. Attraction in early teens is very natural, something that shouldn’t be supplemented with any kind question marks , but at times things turn out to exactly opposite than what they actually should be. Madhu started developing some kind of liking for a boy. They both were good friends and used to spend a great time together – hanging out, laughing, making merry, having fun and living life to the fullest. Slowly and steadily as time passed, they both started falling for each other.

Years passed by, she was a college student now and her family started to think about her marriage. This news shattered Madhu completely. She had already planned her future life with someone. It was impossible for her to imagine someone else as her better half. For her it was either her boyfriend or no one else. But she had no way out to it. As he was unemployed she could not even talk to her parents about him. Explaining the whole situation she asked him to get a job as soon as possible so that he could talk to her parents about it. He agreed, but made the least effort for the same. Everyday he would just console her and give her false hope. Day by day the situation was growing worse and she could not find any solution to it.

The situation grew worse when one day at the dining table, her father told her that he had chosen a boy for her. “After completing her graduation she will be married to him,” he declared.

The girl was left speechless. She just nodded her head to show her approval, not that any one was interested in her consent. After dinner, she went to her room, picked up her cellphone, typed a ‘break-up’ text and sent it to her favourite phone number. Blocking him from everywhere she threw her cellphone and just sat in a corner of the room.

Early morning, when she woke up, she could hear her father shouting. Full of fear, she went downstairs and tried to eavesdrop into his room. To her astonishment, she saw something she never expected. Her boyfriend was there. He was fighting with her father and asking him about her.

By the conversation, she could conclude that her boyfriend had already narrated the whole story about their relationship to her father and to prove himself he was now showing him their photographs.

Bursting into tears she just ran back to her room and locked it from inside.

Downstairs, Madhu’s father was full of rage. Since she was not responding to his calls, he decided to go upstairs and asked his servant to throw the boy out of his house..

Madhu, however, had no courage to face her father. She wasn’t in a condition to bear his anger. He kept knocking the door, but she didn’t open it. She wanted to find a solution before facing her father. Thinking a lot, she decided to commit suicide as it seemed like the easiest and simplest way out. Before she could do more, the door was broken down. Her father and her boyfriend were standing in front of her.

The girl fell at her father’s feet and asked for forgiveness. She promised him that from now on she will always listen to him. But this had no effect on him, and he slapped her hard. He dragged Madhu to another room and locked her up.

Her life is now confined to those four walls. This was the last that was known about Madhu. Nobody knows how she is now for she has been disconnected from the world. Her story will forever be – unfinished.