‘It Gives Me The Shivers’: A Young Boy Speaks Out On Being Molested

Posted by abhi dewan
November 28, 2016

I am sharing this incident for the first time which still gives me shivers.

Molestation is something no one wants to talk about openly and even if someone shares it, the society blames the victim rather than the person who commits the act on the person. It becomes difficult to deal with these issues if you are a boy.

I am a boy and I was molested by an old man in a bus who was touching me inappropriately. Initially, I thought it was accidental that he touched but what was about to follow was an ordeal which lasted for 20 minutes. I wanted to scream but there was something that was choking my voice. I cannot utter a single word which I still regret. Some people said that I should have confronted him and I wanted to tell them that it’s not easy. The survivors who come out are courageous souls who need to supported by society rather than questioning their integrity.

The emotional and psychological trauma that I personally experienced has not let me sleep peacefully. I keep asking myself, “Why me?” My mind is always occupied with thoughts like these. Moreover, society resorts to a lot of victim-blaming and that is the reason why so many cases go unnoticed and the culprit is not punished for the heinous crime .

In the end, I want to tell every person who have been in similar situations to stay strong.