Old Notes, New Notes: Old Rahul, New Rahul?

Posted by Lovejeet Alexander
December 9, 2016

The past Lok Sabha elections’ results brought to fore a new, strong and dynamic leader like Narendra Modi to the forefront of the Indian political scenario. Against him stood a meek, fumbling, week-headed, pity-worth, kiddish leader – Rahul Gandhi. Reasons matter of debate, the lack of strong leaders marked the history of India and the trend was later followed in other leading democracies of the world as well. The strong Modi-led government stands at the mid of its term. Has anything changed since the announcement of the advent of “acche din”? Let’s bring leaders under the radar.

It’s not the time and space where I have slightest of intention to scan the doings, undoings and wrongdoings of the BJP government. All I intend to focus on in the Christmas season is the resurrected Rahul Gandhi that I saw. Though it was just a glimpse of renewal, I hope it wasn’t a personality blip but proves to be a true growth.

There is a saying that people usually learn and grow to be the best only under adversities. What could be more adverse for Rahul and the Congress than the latest Lok Sabha election results. If the lessons have been well taken, good for them.

What makes me see the difference? The inclusion of strong words like “earthquake,” “Modi running away,” “I wouldn’t let him.”

Though Rahul has tried multiple times using similarly strong rhetoric while campaigning, the conviction and confidence that backed his words was something that remained missing since forever. If you haven’t seen his media byte as yet, check it out now and am sure that you too will second my observation. He sounded like a true leader. No recital, no tuition but words straight out of the heart, well-shaped by the mind and hard-hittingly communicated by the lips. His body language for the first time ever was so convincing, steady and stable. It only reminded me of his disaster interview with Arnab Goswami but simultaneously displayed the stark difference and hence we have a refreshed and renewed Rahul Gandhi to see.

I hope that the transition remains and growth continues. India badly needs strong and sensible leaders on top to maintain the state of balance and present a sensible counter.