AIB Has A New Year Plan For You, And A Song To Go With It

Posted by Siddhant Nag in Society, Video
December 26, 2016

Often, a video title is a decent giveaway of what’s to come, but this one is a lot more than #PeekeMatChala.

What starts as an ‘innocent’ game of beer pong, ends up being a ridiculously accurate representation of 2016, with the overarching message: don’t let your inebriated decision, risk your future. Featuring some of the comedy scene’s most popular faces, AIB’s new video, in collaboration with OLA Cabs, is not as much about telling you what will happen if you drink or drive, but more about what you have to live for! A well curated first 2 mins provide the audience with a handy guide to refer to, in case they want to determine if their friend is drunk. The final act of this 5 step manual is well executed by Abish Matthew, which paves the way for Tanmay Bhat to lead you through a musical journey of popular culture that awaits you in 2017.

Humour aside, AIB once again succeeds in talking about an issue of prime importance that some estimates claim, contribute 70% to road accidents in India – drunk driving. This past year heartbreaking stories like the story of 10-year-old Ramya were a reminder of how an irresponsible decision can leave such grave consequences. Recognising the gravity of the situation, the Supreme Court recommended harsher and more stringent punishment for rash and negligent driving in December. The Attorney General agreed with the court and sought time to return with a reply, with the matter scheduled to be heard again on the 8th of March.

With AIB’s heart in the right place and their cognitive functioning at its peak, watch the 2017 song and identify the things you want to live the most for – a Taher Shah and Baba Sehgal collaboration or to figure out why Kattapa killed Baahubali. Whichever it is, do remember – that long drive under the influence of alcohol is certainly not worth endangering a future.

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