Aman Ki Asha

Posted by Shivaditya Sau
December 23, 2016

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It has been more than 68 years of indipendence.
Though the situations in our country, India has not yet changed.The relationship between our nehbouring country Pakistan is the same it was before partition.The biggest issues of these are political dramas and some of them are of religious haterays due to the situations

created by these.

Every year we the citizens are the victims of all these political bullshits and other loop holes in foreign policies, relationship.
The other part behind the cause of this disbalance in harmony, brotherhood is lack of education.There’s a well known saying that an empty brain is a devil’s workshop. People are taught to fight and die just to give

a competition to their religion and it’s supremacy,being a human which is not done.Even no religion tales that it’s superior,nor it tells to kill people just to prove it’s supremacy.

Some evil minded people who assume themselves as messenger of God , brainwashes the poor , illiterate,jobless, helpless people in order to fulfill their dream of ruling over the Whole World and that too is against the nature.
To stop all these bloodshed, gunshots,wars we need to guide people ,educate them provide them job so that they don’t go to the wrong path.
For an example if two children from respective countries (India, Pakistan) are asked to write 10 facts on America, both of them would have common
Facts .But when when the Indian kid is told to write 10 facts on Pakistan and the Pakistani kid to write 10 facts on India,both of them are left with no facts
Which shows that Students in India are not taught about Pakistani art, history, culture and nor the Pakistani students.Where as we are all to point the negatives of eachother and so we teach our kids and this goes on for generations and so does the conflict . Remember education can save lives .

–  Jai Hind.

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