An Open Letter To The Leaders Of My Country

Posted by Farhat Wani in Politics
December 29, 2016

Dear leaders of my country,

As a society, the human collective has been treated with such huge disrespect by you, our leaders, for way too long.

No matter which state we live in, you continue to lie to us every day.

Be it by saying you will do something while trying to get us to vote for you – and then not delivering or changing your mind. Be it through hiding some erroneous error you or your staff has made.

Be it through hiding some scandal you have willingly participated in – and then lying about it. Be it stating one reason for something (say, going to war with another country; or invading another country) when the real reason is something completely different.

Or, be it through allowing corruption to still exist at all levels of your governments, while still doing nothing effective to stamp it out, but, instead, paying billions to so-called ‘government’ investigations, programs and law enforcement strategies that never seem to ‘get’ the really’ big’ guys.

The list of lies you have told us are endless… But what – or who – are you covering up – and working – for?

So after just three days, as 2017 begins anew, we ask you to start anew, too.

We ask that you stop lying about wars. Stop lying about policy decisions. Stop lying about history. Stop lying about religion. Stop lying about Kashmir.

So, dear leaders Modi Ji, Rahul Gandhi Ji, Arun Jaitley, Arvind Kejriwal etc, please give us some true and honest answers this year; answers to questions such as:

Why are the governments many of you run more like corporations? And why do you bend on hands and knees to do what big corporations want, rather than all of us?

Why is there still such inequality on racial, sexual, gender, religious and economic grounds?

So, I ask that you all – each and every one of you – start telling us the truth from now and forever more.Stop killing people in the name of religion.

Thank You!

Farhat Wani

Engineering Student From Kashmir.