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Baba Ramdev- Saint? Or Businessman

Posted by Alik Chakraborty
December 21, 2016

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What’s your thought about Baba Ramdev, the Patanjali owner industrialist? Do you really think that he’s an absolute monk? As he’s living publicly like a saint, always wearing the eternal eastern monk’s costume with iconic Hindu religious nature ‘Rang de tu mohey gerua’ and advertising by promoting more and more day by day. It took last ten years almost when we have the name and related advertisement of Baba Ramdev through print, electronic and all social medias like news papers, Hindu religious promoting and telecasting channels like Astha TV, religious websites, facebook etc. He was beginning to educate normal people the Yoga and Yogasanas or religious related physical fitness training through eastern Philosophical supports and advices as Pranayama, Kapalbhati, Baman kriya and many more. By these a person can make relief himself or herself from physical and mental stresses day by day. Through the all kind of medias he’s also beginning to promote some ‘Slokas’ as his ‘Wachans’ or religious advices with older religious stories effects which was taken majorly from Hindu religious books and advice books like ‘Vedas’, ‘Puran’, ‘Gita’, story of ‘Panchatantra’ and ‘Amar Chitrakathas’. All of these things are always creating magical impacts on human mind as we the people from India or eastern point are always contained with inborn religious container from the beginning of eastern ‘Vaidik Yuga’ civilization since 4500 years. So Baba Ramdev easily captured our mind by promoting his religious business. He captured more than 40 percent of Indian people which is enough to build a massive business to be huge in the globe. Now he got the suitable time to move. He’s beginning to promote his self-made Ayurvedik medicines with giving more impact on human mind by a lot of religious motivations for recovering human physical internal and external problems. As the resultant effect of the created impact on our religiously emotional people, those medicines are genuinely getting occupied the Indian market and were moved from free in-hand to marketwise sells with lower cost than the other Ayurvedik, homeopathic and chemical allopathic medicines. The business of Ayurvedik medicines is increasing day by day with respect to public demand and Baba Ramdev was set his status as a hidden medicine maker and business person with a huge turnover from Indian market. This is not enough for Babaji! After the medicine now he’s making also dry foods, spices, nutritious foods for health and hair and skin also, the all related to human physics by the help of Ayurveda, and with respect to the occupied market demand Baba Ramdev set his own business and manufacturing unit and expose his own hidden company with the name of ‘Patanjali Ayurveda’ with all its Ayurvedik products and making retail shops in maximum smaller to bigger market-holder cities in Indian. The product demands are make Baba Ramdev now one of the most wealthy industrialist in India, most probably also in South Asian countries. He has also the political connection and enormous hidden political power which he grabs by making opportunity for Central and state government network in India. Honorable Indian present Prime Minister Modi Ji is also very closed to him in these days. Now you think who is Baba Ramdev actually? Is he really a saint or monk as announced by himself, or a business mastermind? Was he actually an Ayrvedik doctor initially? Was he always dreamed to make a huge national Ayurvedik product industry initially? Was he always dreamed to capture the entire market in India to be number one businessman or industrialist? Or he’s really a saint? Is a saint really wants to be like him according to Hindu religion? Is there anyone other real monk or God man in India like Baba Ramdev? Or religious movement is actually the first business and political beginning in India or eastern point or allover world? As we know the current and older turnover of religious industry with the help of temples, mosques, churches and other religious hidden offices of factories through ‘Pranamis’ or ‘Dakshinas’ and selling of religious things are mostly huge but these are not being any direct part of legal business and also you can’t blame these as illegal business according to Indian Constitution’s legal ineffectiveness on religious move. Is Baba Ramdev one of the correspondence or portfolio of this business society? There is a lot of questions regarding the topic. There is also some smaller relevant industry like Prajapita Bramhakumari, but Baba Ramdev is the most successful Ayurvedik and religious industrialist among all other religious business personality by his business statistical growth. What should be the next step of Baba Ramdev, Ministry?

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