Being Mediocre

Posted by Sahibpreet Sahni in Society
December 22, 2016

We all have grown up listening to the assertion by our seniors that we are living in an imperfect world along with imperfect people, dealing with imperfect circumstances and striving to achieve perfection for a better tomorrow. The strange thing that I find here is that we are aiming to make this planet a better place to live for our future generation but considering the cut-throat competition in every field or domain in the current scenario, it can be easily predicted that situations would get even tougher for a person to survive in along with his collaborators. The parameter of a success of a person is not defined by his previous achievements but how much more he has achieved as compared to his companions. In this competitive world, no one should forget the basic thumb rule of success that there can be only one winner in a race. The winner would definitely be getting all the rewards and laurels for his achievement and his next step would be to sustain that tag. On the other hand, the person who came last might just realise that they should rather focus on something else as this might just not be their cup of tea. But has anybody wondered what path should a person follow who does not belong to any of the two categories? What about the one who is mediocre?

Taking into account the ever increasing population of this globe, competition will continue to be present everywhere and it is going to become tougher in the coming times. People from smaller towns continue to move to metropolitan cities to look for better opportunities and people in metropolitan areas would move abroad looking for even better opportunities. Millions of students appear for engineering and management entrance examinations every year, thousands of people appear for job interviews every day and don’t forget those who are applying for a foreign visa to work and settle abroad to lead a better life.  No one is denying the opportunities being available, but the harsh truth is that these are limited in number and not everyone can enjoy the fruits of the available opportunity. Those who miss out on the opportunity from a distance might rather come with a belief to try their hands on something else which they could be capable of. But this discussion is about those who may miss out because of certain points. They might feel about giving it another try and secure a comfortable position the next time. But what if even after repetitive efforts the goal which they are looking for appears to be a distant dream. There is a possibility that after gaining a certain experience the position of a person improves, but they still may be not good enough to be tagged as the winner. But the question is, what should be the future course of action for this person? Should he continue to make efforts hoping that things may get better the next time? Should he just quit and look for something where his true capability lies? Or should he be satisfied with what he has achieved so far and accept that he is nothing but a mediocre person who is probably not just good enough?

In our society, ‘mediocre’ is considered to be a negative word which everyone wants to run away from. But it is probably also a word which everyone wants to impose on every other person except themselves. Nobody wants to be or aims to be mediocre. Everyone wants to achieve a high level of perfection in the work that they perform, in their personality and in their attitude. Who doesn’t love to be on the winning side? But what if one is not destined to achieve success through the road map one has opted for themselves? What if somebody is not running on the ‘right track’. It could be personal disbelief or it could be the peer pressure that doesn’t let someone come out of the state of not being good enough. One may quote a million examples of business leaders, sports persons and achievers or witness hundreds of motivational videos regarding how to take inspiration from these people and follow their actions in our life. But I doubt if anyone would raise any objection to the point that the actual reason for their success could either be that they followed their own passion or they were simply good enough for their achievement. Being worthy is an important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked as even after putting all your energies you might just fail to lift Thor’s hammer if you are not worth it.

But before everyone starts calling me negative, let me make the confession that the true purpose of writing this blog was to celebrate mediocrity. A winner might fight with the rest of the world to achieve the desired level of success but a mediocre person fights with himself to continue making efforts irrespective of the outcomes. He has to listen to the continuous criticism by his family members and the society for not being proactive. There have been a lot of stuff written about winners in the form of stories and poems but why can’t we try to appreciate ordinary people around us.

P.S. Even I am a mediocre writer🙂