Budding Scientists At National Level Exhibition

Posted by Vandita Sariya
December 14, 2016

At the on going India International Science Festival(IISF)-2016, today, DST-INSPIRE National level exhibition and project competition, projects from all over the country were presented. Approximately 600 students from Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi, Bihar, Odisha , Chhattisgarh and varioous other states and UTs  showcased their sensitivity towards the societal issues.

Mostly the projects were aimed at relieving common man from their usual miseries. For example: projects for easy irrigation and cultivation by farmers, cleanliness, safety, substitution for electricity etc. were showed.

A few of the projects were:

A student showed an anti fungal paper made from fenugreek, turmeric and other ingredients which prevents food degradation significantly.

anti fungal paper.

Roads with smart speed breakers to avoid accidents at blind turns and Autonomous system for controlling accidents in Railway crossing with alarm technique.

blind turn safety device.


Smart dustbins to remind municipality workers to take away the garbage with the help of an alarm when the dustbin is full.

smart dustbin to manage garbage.


Electricity free cycling washing machine.

electricity free washing machine.



It was certainly impossible to select any one over the other. But for the competition’s sake, 3 national winners will be announced tomorrow. “We are looking for something unique, useful by someone who is sincerely passionate about science”, said one of the judges.

Many of the projects were on very basic level which will later be modified.

Students , mostly in age group of 10-15 yrs, mentioned that motivation behind these projects are the problems they themselves and people in their locality face. They are trying on their level to bring a change for the furtherance of the society. Many of them are keen to take science for further studies.

It was overwhelming to see these students to possess such insight at a tender age. The exhibition will be on display tomorrow as well. Their endeavors are noteworthy and deserve all the credit. We, on our part, can go to support them and appreciate their efforts in developing India.


Venue: National Physical Laboratory, Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg, New Delhi and nearest metro station is Rajendra Place.