Can I choose the right career even if I have crossed a certain age?

Posted by Aakanksha Aggarwal
December 19, 2016

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There are always questions in mind of students that whether they have opted for the right career path. Even in today’s time, many students get influenced by their environment and select a career which is not suitable to them and they realise it years later. “Right career” word itself strikes a chord of fear in many students’ heart. But, here we need to understand that even the most successful people in the world cannot always understand the right career at the right age. Many of them realised it very late but their passion made successful in their final career. One does not need to know all the career related answers from the beginning of their career, but when they realise they have to take action on their passion.

We have stories of many successful men and women who got to know about their ideal career years later in their life and after knowing it worked real hard to make it a success.


We all love films and there will hardly be any person in India who does not know Amitabh Bachchan. We all know that he is currently the biggest and most expensive start in Bollywood. But there are very few who know that his success story began only when he was in his 30s. Not only this, he faced retirement from acting at the age of 41 when many of current actors are working as leads even at 50. But, after 2000, he regained his popularity and was crowned as a mega star of Bollywood. There are many other examples in movies who started quite late but acquired success even after that. One such actor is Anupam Kher who started his acting career at the age of 28.


Our media and several websites keep promoting the those who get popularity at the early age. We keep reading articles such top 30s below 30 and youngest entrepreneurs. But some of the late bloomers are needed to be celebrated. Charles Darwin is one such author who wrote his first composition at the age of 50 and today he is an inspiration to several young authors. His classics are part of the academic curriculum in many international literature schools. Another renowned Indian author is Gurucharan Das. He was once a great businessman who served as a CEO and MD in P&G for several years. However, after his 30-year business career, he took a retirement and started writing books. Now he has gained a big name in the industry.


One of the iconic comedic of all times is Phyliss Diller. She was born in 1917 but she was first noticed in a game show in 1955. She is recognised by her eccentric costumes, overdone makeup and trademark laugh. He has also received the American Comedy Award for Lifetime Achievement. It has been said that when she died at the age of 92, she was still smiling. She started her career as a contestant in one of the shows which opened many gates for her in the acting field. She is still an inspiration for many who take up the career of a comedian.


It is generally said that popular chefs learn the art of cooking after years of practice and experiences. However, there are some who use their life experience in learning the art. It was Julia Child, who started her culinary career I the late thirties and still made it to the top. She has been so famous that even a film ‘Julie and Julia’ has been produced that covers her biography. She has also authored a two-volume cookbook called Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The book was considered ground-breaking, and it remained the bestselling cookbook for five straight years. Even today, the book is still considered a standard.

Many such people are called late bloomers. Where a normal person takes up 15 years to master a skill, late bloomers take only 5. This is not a miracle but the inherent interest and passion of late bloomers towards the selected career. So, there is no definite age of starting a career, one can explore the options at any age. However, it is important to understand your talent as early as possible. These days, students have an access to career counselling through different routes. They can go for online counselling as well as physical counselling and can explore their options at an early age. If the above great personalities have opted for their respective careers at an early age, then definitely they would have given us many marvellous works. On the other hand, there is never a wrong time to choose the right career. One should keep exploring their passion and follow the direction.


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