Change in dynamics of Indian democracy

Posted by Sanjeev Singh
December 26, 2016

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The early socialist vision of indian democracy represant a place where marginal & minority are empowered as a citizen through the democratic process. Electrolism worked as an axiom for the upliftment of marginal section of society.

After the 2014 lok sabha election , the democracy in India started to transform from a value to the fact of demography . here after the inauguration of power by BJP govt. Democracy became majoritation where electrolism became consolidation of numbers.

Basisly after the advent of BJP at center the battle is not for justice to the downtrodden whereas for the search of favours and privileges by powerfull interest group. Demand for quotas & reservation no longer exists as a tool for social justice .In fact it works as interest group axiom where powefull seeks to accumulate more power. A parochial vision of powefull interest group are seen in their demand of reservation .such as  jats in Haryana , Patels in Gujarat , Maratha in Maharastra, Gujjars in Rajasthan after high court struck off the Special backward quota (SBC) of 5 %.however the political drama of both the group ie is marginal section and upper caste powefull interest group. The protest of former represant the character of appeals and petitions whereas the latter protest convey a sense of threat & aggression.For former democracy is a value whereas for later it is relevant as long as it sustain them instrumentally in power.

Even various bombardment by the central govt. under the ambit of BjP on the marginal section highlight the real face of the BJP govt. such as Rohith vemula case, amendment of SPT act & CNTact ( sharp attack on rights of tribal in jharkhand in favour of corporates ), UNA movement ( against attack on dalit in gujarat ), slow progress of Najeeb Ahmed case (J.N.U ) by delhi police ( which comes under direct control of central ie BJP govt. .

hence its need of an hour for the marginal sections & minority to unite together with the progressive forces to resist the bombardment on Sacrednesd of Indian democracy & right of marginal section.

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