This Boy In Chhattisgarh Is Trashing Gender Roles In Brilliantly Simple Ways

Posted by videovolunteers in Specials
December 4, 2016

There is a general perception that certain jobs at home and work are divided according to gender. So when sixteen-year-old Rohit started sharing household chores with his mother and sister, people made fun of him and ridiculed him for doing ‘unmanly work’. But this plucky young boy is prepared to give answers, ‘I give appropriate responses to them, so they don’t say anything anymore’. He cooks, cleans, washes clothes and helps his two younger siblings with their studies.

Rohit shows that to change our perception is simple, but to be consistent with the change is the hard part. It’s time we follow his example and question ourselves to find out how we are perpetuating and normalising patriarchal roles in our daily lives.