Contradiction Between Patriotism Or Nationalism

Posted by Pankaj Raj
December 25, 2016

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“I do not a royal realm aspire, for realise of paradise, to serve those bent with grief I desire, and claim their sorrow and help them raise”

न त्वहं कामये राज्यं न स्वर्ग ना पुनर्भवम | कामये दु:खतप्तानां प्रदनामार्तिनाशनम ||

This was the words of late Mr.  Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya. One of the great legend of this country. Their contribution to build India was remarkable and of course it’s not need my certificate, everyone knows that what he did for us for our country but my question is, is this INDIA he dreamed?

I don’t believe how can we justify a particular definition of democracy in such some intellectual way,those who are telling that, if you are part of our territory it means  you are bounded to chanting Bharat Mata ki Jai”, we can’t access in this society without chanting “Bharat Mata ki Jai”. is it define our patriotic to our nation?.

A single statement that shown your lots of love towards your nation, if they saying this is the only slogan which show your loyalty towards your nation, you know, that can’t be the parameters of questing anyone nationalism and loyalty. who gives you the right to decide someone is anti nationalist or nationalist, which article or which para of constitution say if someone is not chanting same extreme kind of slogan it means they are anti nationalist. if someone is chanting “bhartmata ki jai” it’s fine ,do it , this is how you want to express your happiness your loyalty but anothers says “jai hind” it will work, they can’t force them, can’t tell them this is the slogan that you have to say to show your p or love for the nation.

A single word “Bharat” which particular narrate majority people’s ideology, their idealistic thinking is based on puranas and vedas which justified that your motherland is named as “bhartmata”, bhartmata is our country ,our country means bhartmata, how a single word create this conspiracy . if other religions are loudly chanting ” jai hind” it not means they are fully nationalist , they covered a half nationlity for completing it they must be chant ” long live bhartmata”. it’s like a nationality which is warped with a some kind of extra large religious believes.

It was a idealistic clash between two different extremes religious believes. INDIA or BHARAT are the two different names of same country of different era. we are trying to colaborate two believes in the same same box , and majority don’t wanna to see mixup posture of it . they always wanted to draw the first priority of them because they are in majority, valued them, obeyed them , you have a rights to live in civilised socity but under their take care , after them.

Majority it trying to marginalised minority  values , they suppress other believes by the bullets, blood, fire, rapes. through the violence, they finding the solution. Majority forced them to behave that way they want .Inadvertently they were killing diversity of INDIA.

Majorities are always in the power but question is how we can use this power to PROTECT HUMANITY or agents it?

In the end, biggest question is still raising , can we really need to redefine our SECULARISM if not , then WHAT?

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