How Bollywood Has Taught Us That Stalking Someone Is OKAY

Posted by Muskaan Soni in Culture-Vulture, Society
December 26, 2016

Like every morning, I was standing at the bus stop in Kalkaji, Delhi, waiting for the bus. A guy came near me. He said something to me which I didn’t get. I completely ignored him and stepped aside and maintained some distance from him, as he looked drunk. He again came closer to me and said something, which I again couldn’t hear. I was getting late and waiting for the bus to arrive. I shut him up by asking him to stay away from me. But, he didn’t listen. When I took the bus, he followed me. Now, I was a bit scared of him as he was sitting just behind me even after I changed my seat. This whole thing was observed by an another man who was standing beside me at the bus stop. I didn’t realise, but he had taken the same bus. He helped me by scolding him and telling him to behave. When the bus was about to reach my stop, I saw him carefully to figure out if he was following me or not. Thankfully, he was not behind me. I got down from the bus and went to my class. But, I had a regret. Why didn’t I answer him properly? Why did I get scared of him? What if that man had not scolded him and that drunkard followed me to my class?

Well, stalking of girls is so common nowadays. Boys find it to be a very cool way to impress a girl. But seriously, it’s so cheap. Bollywood movies have created this idea, of impressing girls by stalking. There’s a ‘yes’ in her no. This is a common perception created by such movies, which encourage men to do that. Male actors stalking or hitting on a female actress in the name of love is considered to be a romantic way of impressing her. But clearly, that is sexual harassment which we don’t find incorrect, only because it’s a film and they are actors.

AIB’s new video about harassment in Bollywood movies showed how it has been portrayed in the industry from generation to generation. And how, by this, a man in Australia escaped conviction in a case of harassment of  two ladies, because he claimed that Bollywood movies taught him that forcefully pursuing a woman would make her fall in love with him.

Well, this is something one should be concerned about. This form of ‘expressing love’ should be changed. It is high time now. We should really be done with such stupidity. Harassment in the name of love needs to be stopped.


Images source: Youtube