Twitter Is Absolutely Loving ‘Dangal’ And Its Fierce Women!

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December 23, 2016

After months of excitement and some very promising teasers and songs, Aamir Khan’s “Dangal” has hit theatres across the world today. The film revolves around the story of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat from Haryana, and how he trained his daughters Geeta and Babita to emerge as world champions in the sport. At a deeper level, it also explores how women from a state with the worst sex ratio in the country, broke out of years of patriarchal conditioning to triumph in what the country regards as a ‘man’s sport’.

The movie has met with rave reviews on Twitter, from celebs and movie lovers alike:

Sonakshi Sinha praises the girl power:

Many other celebs chimed in:

Anurag Kashyap’s tweet said a lot.

Salman Khan’s family is probably right!

Even KRK has nice things to say, for a change:

Saving the best of 2016 for the last?

Aamir may be the star, but the girls shine the most in this film.

Full inspiration guaranteed.

Nationalism? Check!

What a good biopic looks like.

Dangal love all over Twitter!

The village of Balali, home to the Phogat sisters, is unlike others in Haryana. Not only is its sex ratio far better, the women have been fighting age-old patriarchal traditions for years now. Read their story here: ‘If She Can, Why Can’t I?’: Meet The Taboo-Smashing Women Of The ‘Dangal’ Village