Darwin’s theory of survival and demonitisation

Posted by Alik Chakraborty
December 21, 2016

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A long-living contradictory spectrum had been thrust by Indian government on the Indian citizens last November 8, with the sudden rejection of the currency notes of rupees 500 and 1000. The Indian Prime minister Mr. N.S. Modi briefly announced to make India black money free country by this sudden decision. But there is an intolerable move has been making by sudden social and socio-economical evolution, related to Charles Darwin’s theory of mutation Survival of the fittest. It’s being seemed that the normal citizens are actually getting too much suffers to absorb or being muted themselves with this socio-economical mutation. As people can’t survive properly in this situation, there is a big question come out from the each corner of society that is the decision of making rejection of 500 and 1000 rupees currency notes taken by humiliation?

We know about the condition of banks, post offices and ATM counters of the towns to submit and have the changes of new notes or splits of 500 and 1000 rupees by conversion of 100 rupees currency notes or newly released 2000 rupees currency notes and ATM users are making ques for collecting some notes for household needs on every day, though there are many banks, post offices and ATM counters in the cities and also in small towns. But what about the changing circumstances in the villages and majorly in the remote villages? As India is a village-civilization based country, there is 65 percent part containing villages and hardly there is a single GRAMIN bank and post office, ATM can’t be reached in each village-side, also the co-operative banks are rare as for the needing ratio for the villagers. So the villagers are suffering most with the line of transactions, notes changing and surplus collection from a single financial public sector. Most genuinely it can’t be possible to see the face of the sector entrance in a whole day! The daily payment receiver people as the factory labors and the poor servant-farmers, the gardeners, diggers, construction labors can’t have their payments for the unavailability of 500 and 1000 rupees notes in Indian market. Also the same scenes are available in the retail market, the shop-keepers and shop-workers are suffering for this unavailability. There is a lot of daily losses has been getting from the retail sales and purchase market which is increasing the poverty and unusual market effect with bad international impact with most acceleration. I have to tell a story about the changing condition.

Razia biwi, a widow labor of 45 years of age, dweller of Shahjamal from Delhi gate area, unsuccessfully committed suicide for unchanging her six 500 rupees notes. She does not want to live with such more passion to see more her four hungry kids! Kallol Roy Chowdhury (age-52), a normal person from West Bengal, died by nervous failure at an ATM counter que in Bandel junction for getting success of his plan to collect surplus amount for his family expense. There are 75 deaths and more than 100 unsuccessful suicide attempts and relevant physical troubles already happened in India, and among them there is not any single person who has or keeping a single rupee black money. Now if we want to know about the actual black money holders, we get there are a lot of transactions happening daily with transferring black money to white money.

I want to share a story again of an ancient ward commissioner of West Bengal ruling party from somewhere in West Bengal, Hooghly district, is just spending his black money by establishing second floor of his own house and there is not a single trouble he has to tolerate. So he is the actual fittest here to survive, then what for this decision was made actually! The All India Farmers’ association is also announced to make movement against the Indian central government for this uncanny decision. Also, the major opposition central political party Indian National Congress and other national and state level political parties like C.P.I.(M), A.I.T.C, R.J.D., J.D.U and many more are already making random movements against the running situation for Modi’s decision.  According to a market analytical economic statistics, there is an amount of total  Rs 1.4 million cr. contained 500 and 1000 rupee notes were available in market at the time of note rejection. It is seen that the amount will be touched within some day through the notes exchanging in these days in banks (it’s touched already 1.15 million cr.), so where is the black money? What should be done by the Indian central government if anyone among the note exchanger submitted his or her black money by the exchanging in any bank?

Indian and global citizen Nobel award winner Economist and professor of Harvard University, Dr. Amartya Sen agreed that, this humiliated socio-economic step was never suitable to absorbing the black money from Indian market, probably maximum just 3 to 5 percent black money will be received with based of economical good luck. Now the commitment of Modi through stage declarations, MAN KI BAAT, and other lectures are also looking opposite as past about the black money absorption step. According to Mr. Prabin Chakraborty from Indiaspend, November 8, 2016, Modi declared to make India as black money-free country, but last November 27, the place of word ‘black money’ had been occupied by ‘digital or cashless money’ and the response of about ‘black money’ had been just vanished from Modi’s lectures, canvassing, declarations and also in the audio-aid program in AIR, ‘MAN KI BAAT’. November 8, the percentage of usage of ‘black money capturing’ words in lectures from Modi were 80 which was become 27 percent within last November 27, 2016! What’s the problem with the proud commitment once?

Modi is changing his logic himself. We don’t know how many more Razia Biwi, Kallol Roy Chowdhury and other people getting died or tends to die. We don’t know how many poor farmers, labors, retailers and normal public are getting more trouble day by day for this Indian central government step. We don’t know how could be the black money traced by this step. But this is true that we, the normal Indian citizens always respect our government steps but Indian government should make decisions more carefully for the largest democracy and by positively effective social analytical assumption, never by any kind of humiliation, so that each Indian can survive as fittest in our own motherland. Only thirty five percent new notes are published by government till which is contained the amount of total 0.4 million cr. rupees. The Reserve bank of India make an announcement under the circumstances that, there is already huge loss placed for cash dependent economy of India. There is no new cultivated resultant food crops exposed in Indian market. There is also massive loss in Indian economy for small scale and middle scale industries’ locked out decision, have to be made by the small industrialists and investors for cash-less economical evolution in market. There is not any nominal change in anyone black money holders, but unwanted change happened in normal life which makes negative impacts on normal daily life and financial move. Poor and native people are committed suicide for the running change, happened in human society. Is this really called ‘Achchhe Din’ Modi Ji?

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