Dear Satan, I am sorry for you.| A letter against Stereotypes

Posted by Udayveer Singh
December 19, 2016

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Dear Satan,

You are one of the most iconic people around the globe, as famous as the god, but largely as a figure of death to hate or to be afraid of. In the movie of humanity, you are the heartless and cruelest villain of all. We actually don’t know anything about you, but I wish we do.

According to my viewpoint, every evil person has a story of struggle which can prove him or her kind, after telling that and doing some acts of greater kindness he/she can be equally good as anyone, but you. You are the icon; the metaphor for the evil who even after millions of good acts can never be good again (if you ever were). We, writers, dramatists and poets have created such a strong stereotypes about you in people’s minds that they won’t accept you as good. We never know or even imagined you as good. Unlike other evils, you never got and I know, you will never get a chance to be good.

That’s what I am sorry about. Forgive me Satan for not breaking my prejudice.

-The Odd One

I may never know if Satan will read it or not, but just like the Hitler article, this is a reminder for you all that how important is it to break our preconceptions, our stereotypes and our prejudices. You may never have imagined Satan as such a humiliated figure before, as someone who never got equal chances in our society and was doomed to be hated due to his image as described by writers and scholars.

This was just one such stereotype you have never thought of breaking, what are the others? Let’s discuss in the comments below. Don’t forget to like, share & subscribe for more stuff like this.

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