How Delhi’s Govt Schools Are Taking Key Steps To Improve Their Quality

Posted by Urvashi
December 8, 2016

Children are our future. They are the ones who will be responsible for building a progressive India tomorrow. But to ensure this we have to make sure that we provide them with a good education today. No doubt India is a hub of schools. Our private and central schools to a greater extent provide a good education and an all-round development for our children. However, our government schools lag behind and not many steps have been taken to improve their quality.

The government of Delhi had realised this problem recently and thus came up with certain good schemes to ensure that our government schools rise to the occasion. It started off with a parent-teacher meeting. The first PTM was held in July 2016 and following its success, the government organised the second one on October 15, 2016. This was the first time a PTM was organised in a government school. “All the parents were informed through SMS and social media,” the government said on its Twitter handle. “Parents would be informed about all the aspects of students results,” it added.

The Delhi government has felt the need for parents to be involved with their ward’s education and this was a major step taken in this regard. This was followed by the ‘reading mela‘ – a challenge taken up by the government to bring the students of Classes 6-8 to the minimum reading level of being able to read their textbooks. A survey was conducted by the government in the month of July this year. In that survey it was found that almost 74% of students enrolled in Classes 6-8 were not able to read their own textbooks while 46% of them could not even read Class 2 textbooks. To understand things it is very important to first be able to read properly.

This problem is prevalent among most government schools all across the country. However, no significant steps are being taken for the same. The ‘reading mela’ was a unique attempt by the Delhi government. It involved parents and the community as well. One can definitely say that it was an appreciable effort towards ensuring that every child in Delhi government school will be able to read. The melas were held every Sunday from October 23, 2016 to November 14, 2016 at community halls, parks and various government schools.

Recently, the Annual Day was celebrated. On November 30, the annual day was organised – an effort towards the all-round development of our kids.

Education is a integral part of our lives. A major part of our future depends on the quality of education imparted to us. The Delhi government’s constant steps towards improving the education system in government school should be applauded. This will motivate other state governments to work in this field and thus help in building a good future for our children.