Don’t Get Confused, Your ₹2000 Note Is Just Fine

Posted by Raviraj Verma
December 19, 2016

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With the introduction of the new ₹2000 notes in Indian market, rumours have been raised that these notes have typo errors. If you have these notes then look at the beck left side of the note where ‘Two Thousand’ is written in 15 different languages. Many posts on social media have the same complaint saying that these notes have a typo error as people see ‘Don Hazaar’ instead of ‘Do hazaar’ printed on the notes. Selfie with the new notes is now becoming a trend on social media and thousands of people have already shared the pics of notes written ‘don hazaar’ on it that is why other people are also getting confused because of the rumour of this so called typing mistake.

To put an end to this confusion, let us tell you that there is no typo error in the new denominations. ‘Don Hazaar’ is absolutely correct because it’s not in Hindi. The 15 different languages include ‘Marathi’ and ‘Konkani’. In Konkani language, ‘do’ is written as ‘don’. So whoever is claiming that the notes have a printing mistake and they need to be changed should know that even the south-western corner of the country, is also a part of India. So don’t get confused with the rumours and enjoy shopping with your new ‘don hazaar rupee’ note.

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