Fitness For A Better Tomorrow And How You Should Approach It

Posted by Prithvi Pai in Body Image, Health and Life, Society
December 21, 2016

Another year has gone by so fast. A small concern to some of us and a debacle to those who’ve come to grips with time. And as the New Year approaches, I’m sure so many of us have made plenty of resolutions to be the better individual. The most common one is perhaps the resolution to get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle. I know that there are so many of you out there who are apprehensive just to start and go get that gym membership. We have far too many ideas about what might go wrong or how insignificant we may look to those around. Truth is, it doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Every individual had to start somewhere, and if your start is skinny or overweight or any of the body shaming verbose we’ve got around these days, it’s alright. Because from the very next moment on, with each session finished and each meal eaten, you’re a better individual until one day you realise you’ve become everything you wanted off of this journey. Realise that fitness is so much more than how it makes you look, the power is in how it makes you feel.

I have one thing in particular, to say to all the girls out there. There are always going to people who talk. Always. They might say you have big thighs or that you’ve put on far too much weight to ever look beautiful again. Some will make you feel like you don’t belong in the gym, tell you that you’re thin and there is no need for you to be in the gym. Some will just look at you in all the wrong ways and make you really apprehensive about the environment in general. (Very relevant in our country)  But you have to realise that people of that sort are always going to be there and you cannot cross swords with them all. For if you try and pick every seed and grain on the way to the land of summer, you’ll never realise until winter has already come. Stay strong, work hard in silence and your results will do all the talking.

I know that so many of you believe that fitness isn’t important and that your health can always be looked at later. All I will say is that, if there was some miracle elixir out there that the food industry came up with that made you look better, helped you live well, and overall just feel really good about yourself at the small cost of just drinking it every day, you’d sure as hell take it right? Fitness is that thing.

Cheers.  J

(P.S. I know that New Year is still a few days away, but I believe that if you’ve got more time to think about it, you can put it into action faster)