4 Odd Places Where You Can Still Use Your Old Currency

Posted by Lovejeet Alexander in Society
December 14, 2016

We are definitely living at a time wherein we have the experience of a lifetime to share with generations to come. Most of us would not have witnessed the freedom struggle or the wars post independence. But now, here’s our chance to live a life full of unprecedented and man-made crisis. We may or may not have money in our bank accounts but getting it out in hand is no less than a war won today. Adding on to the woes is the old currency, whatever of it is left behind. What to do of it till the #Demonetisation dust settles? Well, here I am listing (not suggesting) five odd places where you can still use those old red and green bills.

1. Mumbai’s dance bars

The dance bars of Mumbai are still warmly welcoming old notes of ₹500 and ₹1000. Earlier, they used to exchange big notes with ₹10 note bundles, but now, in view of the crunch of small denomination notes, these bars have printed their very own version of ₹10 and ₹20 notes. These note look-alike coupons are being given in exchange of the old currency, and can be used in the bars.

Some clubs in Delhi (spread in Vasant Kunj, Saket, Hauz Khas, South Ex. and some parts of East Delhi) have been heard of accepting your old notes too. Most of the Gurgaon’s mall mile clubs have no issues yet still in accepting old bills. The cover charge and other bills can all be paid in currency of any country and any date.

2. Jodhpur’s bhaang bars

The roller coaster continues. Another high that you can enjoy with your old bills is that of this ancient Indian recipe. If the idea sounds too “down market” to you then you’ve certainly not visited Jodhpur. Bhaang bars in Jodhpur have on their menu an unheard array of bhaang drinks, cookies and chocolates. Bhaang vanilla shake, butter bhaang scotch and special hookahs therein are my personal favourites!

3. Vastu courses by Dr. Khushdeep Bansal

Vastu guru Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, a self proclaimed baba who wishes to be known as Guru Sakha in the near future, is publicly accepting old currency notes. On the closing day of one of his workshops in November, the Vastu expert who has come up with his own version of the ancient science (and calls it Maha Vastu) not only condemned the government’s decision of demonetisation but also announced that he’s open to accepting old notes for his upcoming courses.

4. Legal support with illegal currency

If you get trapped in legal issues because of storing unaccounted old currency or because of illegally spending and accepting old bills, you can seek legal help and ironically, pay in old currency. Only issue, as reported, with legal fee in old currency would be the premium that’s being added to the fee otherwise. Probably that’s the reason why the recent raids at big wig lawyers resulted in unearthing of huge unaccounted money slated to be converted from black to white!

Featured image credit: Satish Krishnamurthy / Flickr