Half An Hour

Posted by ANJALI YV
December 19, 2016

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Dissatisfied with the menu of the lunch which was being served as I was returning back from the Dining hall of the new campus of Tata Institute Of Social sciences when I reached near M.S.Gore block I thought to check to canteen menu and while boggling into these thoughts as I stepped towards the building I saw two old person or can call them two uncles were stepped out of the same building and were standing opposite to me providing me to have eye contact with one of them whom I found to be very old.

Initially I thought they wanted to ask the direction to some place but then he said that Can you please give me half an hour. Before I could think anything he said that we are conducting interviews as part of their assignment so can you please give me half an hour I just need to ask few questions. I said OK because I think my life is an open book so do my opinions. Then he directed towards the building and said we can sit and talk and thus we entered the Disaster Management building’s  ground floor and sat on the cemented seats made. So I asked the other guy what this interview is all about so then he explained me that they are doing some part time course of youth and development studies and got this assignment wherein they have to interview 5 young person’s ageing not more than 25 yrs of age. So the other uncle with whom I had eye contact with explained me the five questions and then asked my name, age , and the course I am enrolled in. Initially he didn’t get what LL.M. stands for and thus asked the full form so did I explained him it’s meaning.

Then he asked me many questions which I answered accordingly. He seemed to be very happy with my answers and praised my thoughts and wished me all the good luck for my future but on the other side it was me who was actually impressed by him and the reason was not the age but the youngness his heart has. So out of the blue I asked him what is your age? So he asked me to guess it so initially I said it would be 64 he said no and then to increase it up then I said 72 he again nodded in negative and said to increase it so I said 82 then he smilingly said I am not that too old and thus revealing the suspense and said it’s 76. I was delighted by his answer which further led me to ask one more question so I said to him “what drives you to do this course at this tender age”? Then he replied and gave a detailed answer about his early life and said that this course would give him one more chance to live his youth through others. I was so overwhelmed by his answer I said to him that you are a person young by your heart to which I really respect a lot. So I did ask his good name and saying that he belongs from Agra, U.P. the rapport became more strong.

And thus, this is how Mr. Kapoor showed me a brand new aspect of life that which is meant to be cherished always despite your age , situations and circumstances. Love and live it to the fullest because “if you wanna make a change its first to be made in your own heart”

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