Hope For 2017…

Posted by Pallavi Nanda Kanmadikar
December 31, 2016

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The clichéd year ending sagas continue and I couldn’t resist but contribute my bit to it… you know, simply for entertainment purposes…

The last year has been a roller coaster ride for everyone… All the good, bad and ugly all in one go… And each one of you might either love it or hate it… But I am sure that the year 2016 shall be etched in the hearts and minds of all those who have been even minutely affected by the political upheavals all around the world!!
And the next year…
Whoa!!! 2017 is going to be more of everything that started in 2016!!!
And these faces shall either give us hope or we shall live in despair. They shall either make us proud or make us ashamed of your choices (and particularly lack of voices). Our world leaders shall either let us be awed or make us desperately search for something (anything) else to look at.
Our leaders are the reflection of what we are, what we did and what we hope to become; because no man or woman acts individually in this world. ‘We the People’ make them into what they are, and we choose to do so with full knowledge of what may or may not come.
So rethink, revise, revalue, and reconsider. Don’t live in the past. But don’t forget it either. Because the past is the window to what is to come and let us hope to live to see a better future of the world.
Happy New Year 2017

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