Remember To Memorialise Your Loved One’s Facebook Account If They Have Passed Away

Posted by Raviraj Verma
December 17, 2016

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If any of your Facebook friend is facing a medical situation that he/she is unable to surf social media then you are allowed to inform the Facebook officials about the issue. You can deactivate, delete or even memorialise your friend’s account according to the situation.

  • If your friend is facing a medical trauma, you are allowed to delete or remove their account.
  • If the condition of the friend is reversible, you can ask Facebook to deactivate the account instead of deleting it.
  • If the friend has passed away, you can ask the officials to memorialise the account. This will prevent it from being hacked by some other person.

You can do any of these operations only if you are an immediate family member of that friend’s account. If you want to memorialise your friend’s account that has passed away, then you have to go through these points before doing that.

  • A memorialised account is a place for the family members or friends to gather and share some memories. Memorialising an account also helps to make it secure and other peoples to log in to that account again.
  • You should report to Facebook that the person has passed away, then its Facebook official’s responsibility to memorialise the account.
  • You should understand that Facebook doesn’t provide login information of that account even in this case because still, it’s a matter of violation of Facebook rules and regulations.

This is what happens once the account has been memorialised:

  • ‘Remembering’ is always shown next to the name of the person.
  • Friends can continue sharing memories on the timeline.
  • The content of that person remains on Facebook.
  • That account won’t appear in ‘people’ search.
  • No one will be able to log into that account ever.

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