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Why It Is Important To Talk About Child Sexual Abuse

Posted by Rupali Maheshwari
December 2, 2016

When I was first abused, I was only 8-years-old. There is no surprise in the fact that most of the times the person is someone you know and may be the most trusted member in the family because choosing a victim for them is easy as they know the nature of the child. This is an ugly truth of our society which we really don’t want to talk about.

I was molested again at the age of 12 by the same person. I could understand that whatever happened was not good but I didn’t have any courage to speak about it to my parents. After a few years I decided to disclose this incident to my brother but the response I got from him was not encouraging, so we decided not to tell our parents as we thought that it will only spoil family relations.

Now I’m 26-years-old and a doctor by profession, I realised how badly it has affected my psychology. I have difficulty trusting people around me and I keep judging everyone. That’s when I decided to disclose it to my family. I didn’t want that any other child in the house to be a victim again. Child sexual abuse is a heinous crime and it gives a child trauma for a lifetime because that child is betrayed by the most trusted person. The only way to fight is to talk about this and confront this. Silence only encourages this crime. It’s high time to break the silence.