Is Feminism Being Misunderstood

Posted by Muskaan Soni
December 24, 2016

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Today, people talk about feminism, about women’s rights, gender equality, and so on. They pretend to be cautious about this so called ‘feminism’, but it ends in hypocrisy. Some say women should be equally treated to men, some say they are superior to all males. But, I think there is a confusion with the term ‘feminism’ and how the women can be actually facilitated.

We do not want special facilities to be treated ‘equal’, we want rules, laws and order in the country that will treat us equal. We don’t want lights on the road to feel safe, we want laws, strict laws that threat anyone to do something wrong even in the dark. Rape survivors don’t need any candle march or Facebook post share for justice rather she needs a fast track court, strict rules like hang till death or life-imprisonment so that one would think 1000 times before doing that. Loopholes in the laws and having contacts of big shots like ministers etc., makes it easier to the rapists to roam freely after getting bail from jails. Then, the same rapist threats that victim again and again that she left with no other option then suicide. There are many cases where rapists have done this again and again to several victims and still get bail.

I think its a high time for our system to be change, and bring some equal rights and justifiable laws in the constitution. Reserving coach in metro, seats in buses is not just a solution. Mentality should be changed.

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