Watch This Famous Indian Physicist Narrate His Story Of Becoming A Musician

Posted by Ayush Agarwal in Culture-Vulture, Society
December 10, 2016

Here is Krishnakant Shukla is an acclaimed physicist. As his mother moved to England to pursue her PhD, she took young Krishna with her during his 5th grade. A boy from Varanasi who knew little English, had studied in Hindi medium, talks about the difference he experienced between India and Britain.

Watch Krishna talk about how he failed to acknowledge his talents in music which helped him become an accomplished physicist, and also hear his musical talents in play from the 23rd minute in the video.

Education has been the center of debate for ages, especially after we attained independence. We despised the way the British treated us, and proud that we were able to stand our ground and take it back from them in 47′, but what happened post that was in our hands.

Although a lot has changed with unceasing efforts by different organisations, we still wonder why we’re unable to employ our youth effectively. Is it the mindset or the upbringing?