How MNS’ Brand Of ‘Nationalism’ Is Nothing But Jingoism

Posted by Mritunjay Tripathi in Politics
December 14, 2016

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Maharashtra Navnirman Sena or MNS, since its inception, has been in the news for all bad reasons. Their road to politics is a less taken one. It won’t be wrong if I define the party as a “frog in the well with eyes closed.”

Their Idea Of Maharashtra

With their motto being  “Sons of the soil,” what more could have one expected. Their idea of Maharashtra is a threat to Gandhi’s idea of India. The state of Maharashtra is known for spreading its arms for each individual who needs it. But, two years after the inception in 2008 the party started spreading violence by beating some innocent shopkeepers from North India, terming them as “outsiders”. Over 150 party activists were held for the violence against North Indians

In the month of October 2008, MNS activists beat up North Indians appearing for All India Railway Recruitment Board for the western Mumbai region. The party’s idea of Maharashtra is confined to “sons of the soil” as that is what they term it. I wish that Mr  Thackeray would bother himself by improving his understanding of the Constitution which guarantees the “right of movement” to each and every individual. The article also enables the citizens of India to own and establish their business anywhere in the country. It won’t be wrong if I term Mr  Thackeray’s party as irrational and unconstitutional.

Their Brand Of Nationalism

MNS which calls itself a pro-nation party has been promoting nothing but jingoism throughout the state. Political leadership requires statesmanship and that’s what they lack. The party is fully capable of ruining the state in the best possible means. Creating a frenzy of fear amongst the citizens and trying to hold on  “nationalist” nerve of the state is their pass-time game. Any political party aiming to rule such a diverse country like India has to be culturally and socially liberal. No political party has been given the right to choose what kind of patriotism or nationalism one decides to follow.

Begging With Style

We all would have witnessed beggars begging at the signals. But MNS practices a new trait in begging and that is begging in ‘humongous bunglows’.  Yes, that’s what they have been doing. Right from the “Ae Dil Hai  Mushkil’ controversy to the latest ‘Raees’. It’s important for any actor/director to get approval from the real ‘Censor board chief.’ I pity the condition of superstars like Shah Rukh khan who have to bend in front of these pseudo-nationalists to get their right.

The Indian army gave a tight blow to Raj Thackeray by not accepting his donation ahead of the release of ADHM. Former Lieutenant General B.S. Jaswal was quoted “Army does not go around begging for funds.” This policy by Mr Thackeray is nothing but collecting funds to save his vanishing kingdom. The government of the state should really get into the matter and stop this unacceptable trait that is being practised the state.


Mr Thackeray and the party should realize nationalism is not a brand that can be sold. Nationalism is not a product that can be marketed and after all nationalism does not have a copyright on it that people will have to abide too. My coffee might be bitter than yours but it does not mean it is not one.


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