‘Villagers Won’t Vote When Hungry’: Young Zila Parishad Leader Writes To UP CM

Posted by Prasoon Pal in Politics
December 20, 2016

The Hon’ble Chief Minister,
Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Subject: Change the Ration Distribution System & Take Action against Corrupt Kotedars

We are about to enter the New Year 2017 and the election campaign for the next CM of India’s biggest state, Uttar Pradesh. In 2012, ‘Young UP’ voted for you. They came together, regardless of caste or community, to make you the youngest CM in the history of India.
You are the youngest Chief Minister in the country and so can understand the fears and frustrations, expectations and aspirations of the restless youth, as well as, the people who are living in villages without enough to eat. They are demanding compassion and action to get their government-approved ration.

Sir, we have heard a lot about all that you have done as development works in UP. And understand that you are trying to contest 2017 assembly election on the basis of development.
But unfortunately, media and the allies of any government belong to cities only. They will talk to you and tell you only that you want to hear. Nobody has the courage to tell you the reality of villages. In other words, why should they tell you at all? Especially, when they are living happily. There is a saying by George RR Martin, and this perfectly applies to everyone especially to politicians, “I am surrounded by flatterers and fools. It can drive a man to madness… Half of them don’t dare tell me the truth, and the other half can’t find it”.

But the fact is that the most important scheme of yours is failing miserably because of poor administration / government officials / corrupt system. And this scheme directly touches the almost 15.5 crore rural population’s stomach (total population of UP: 20.42 Crore). This amounts to almost 70% of the population, and this population will decide the upcoming hero of Uttar Pradesh.

Honestly, if anything can stop you this time, it would be the Ration Distribution Policy. And as I live in and visit the villages, I can observe that 60% of the population won’t vote for you because their stomach aches with hunger, because their kids are used to sleeping on an empty stomach. Just imagine! What must they be thinking… They are not going to visit Lucknow to travel on the Metro. Your smartphone won’t be their source of income. Sir, let’s feed them first. As the saying goes: भूखे भजन न होय गोपाला, यह लो अपनी कंठी-माला।“( I can’t worship you when I am hungry, Gopala. Take back your beaded prayer necklace). And it is true. Now, you must think about them.

There’s still time, take strict action against the corrupt kotedars (contractors), make a proper system. And ensure supply of ration to each beneficiary. If you succeed, nobody can stop you from achieving success!

Here’s an example. The given story is the reality of 95% of villages of UP. Don’t believe me? Make a random call to any village of Uttar Pradesh, and you will get to know the truth. But yes, if you will ask your officials or the flatterers, they will say everything is alright, and that people are enjoying your development & will say ‘Sir, #KAAM BOLTA HAI)

Gram Panchayat Dulhapur (Post-Khateli, Block-Hariyawan, Dist-Hardoi, 241001, UP), with approx. 3,000 people relying heavily on the government ration distribution system for food supplies. But the distribution shop has barely opened over the past year. The kotedar (contractor) has monopoly and used to abuse the public and threaten them by saying, ‘If anyone has the power or capacity, you can go ahead and take action against me. Then I will teach him. What will happen to me? I will sell all the ration on the black market and give it to the officials. I will ruin your life… now who will speak?’
And we have raised the above matter numerous times at district level as well. I have the necessary details. But, the officials don’t want to hear anything against the kotedar (contractor) as the kotedar used to sell the ration on the black market and give the share (bribe) to the official.
Somehow villagers were managing their lives, but now after demonetization, people are literally crying. And if it goes on like this for few more days, soon they will start dying as well… They want their own ration, it is their right. But they are helpless, they can’t do anything. They could just die! That’s it!

On the 8th day of December 2016, you launched the electronic point of supply machine (ePOS) scheme with Mr Ratan Tata. But it is not going to help. When the kotedar (contractor) of my village is used to tearing and throwing the newly made ration cards (with your photo on it) in the garbage, what will these machines do??

We request you to change the system, we are young and we believe in you and we can change. The only reason behind writing this letter is: When you are trying your best to distribute ration to almost 79% population of UP, then why it is not reaching the beneficiary? What is the reason? What would be the best system so every needy person could get the most out of this important scheme’s facilities?

Let’s think of the poor villagers.

Hoping the New Year will herald an atmosphere in the state where everyone would be with food to eat & with lots of happiness.

Thank You,

A youngster from Uttar Pradesh on behalf of every citizen of Uttar Pradesh, who used to sleep on an empty stomach, because of corrupt official / kotedar (contractor) / system.
Prasoon Pal