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Posted by Sagar Dodeja
December 30, 2016

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  • I have always been good at studies and a very shy kid. Every year I used to receive Best All-rounder award (awards from essay, drawing, sports, rangoli, music and various other competitions) from the school and almost always had that 1st ranker tag with me. I don’t mean to sound arrogant but winning was like a habit to me. I was fascinated by structural marvels when I was just around 8 years old. So at that time I’d decided that I want to become an engineer. Right after completing my schooling I got admission at NIT Raipur in B.Tech in Civil Engineering. During College, I won 20 national level awards in various tech festivals. I would just attend college during exams, my attendance wasn’t even one third till the 5th Semester. I was more inclined to the idea of learning with professional experience rather than completing syllabus and scoring high in exams. It is the start of 6th semester that when I realized that professional experience in our country can only be gained if I score well in exams. The sad state of education that even though one may work proficiently and effectively in the job, one has to have high marks. Moreover, the teachers who are the shapers of the future remain underpaid and less privileged. Nevertheless, I started studying with full vigour and enthusiasm with the support of my teachers and friends. I was placed in campus in SPCL. I cracked the most competitive Engineering Exam i.e. GATE with a high rank all over India to secure admission into IITs. I got a job in Ministry of Defence and got call from various IITs but decided to go for prestigious IIT Bombay for M.Tech.
    The next chapter of my life had started where I was regularly given tasks by my professors in IITB to teach some topics to undergraduate students. The enthusiasm for teaching grew in me like wildfire. I would spend countless hours myself to get proficient in the topics and would ask for more teaching assignments. All over the years I imagined myself to build something which would leave an impact. Thus, I started my preparation for the prestigious Engineering Services Examination to become an IES Officer. As IES officer, I would be able to apply my engineering skills freely. I cleared the exam in 2014 and joined the prestigious services. There is almost a year difference between the final results and the joining of services. During that period I was given a chance for teaching in a very well known institute MADE EASY EDUCATION. Luckily, it went very well and I was appreciated for my efforts. I joined the organization and worked there till my joining came. During this period, I learned new and effective methodology of teaching which helped me improve on my delivery skills, body language and a lot more things like adaptability with the students, patience etc. I had completely transformed myself during this one year with rigorous hard work.
    After that, I joined Survey of India and I was enjoying the training very much. The sad state of affairs for the students and the teachers in our country was still bothering me. I thought that why not pursue the thing which I am good at and build something for the future i.e. the future of students. The captivating idea kept me in the loop day and night and I left the job in pursuit of learning, inspiring and teaching.After so many struggles and hardships today I can proudly say that I have made myself a very good teacher and I am being supported and loved by my students throughout the country. My decision to leave the job and pursue teaching has proved to be correct. My story is an example that life is unpredictable, you never know what life has to offer. I am pursuing my aim to build something and would make an impact as stated and now, I am helping build other lives with my knowledge.
  • Any Message ?
    I guess understanding your passion should be more important to you rather just being passionate about something. Don’t just run after things that give you temporary gains, try to leave an impact in lives of people through your passion.
  • Any future plans ?
    I am planning some innovations in education field in our country. I am currently observing the methodologies adopted in various countries like USA, Russia and Germany.
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