Why Do We Need To Prove Our Patriotism In Cinema Halls?

Posted by Aaskar Jha
December 1, 2016

My country is changing in the name of patriotism. The Supreme Court made it mandatory for movie theaters to play the national anthem accompanied by the national flag on screen before screening of films. They have been given a week to implement the court’s order.

Dear Judiciary, I Wait For The Day..

When there will be no alarm clock for loud speakers all over India to create a sense of patriotism before we wake up to show a sense of responsibility; while starting our daily work, there will be an announcement on speakers to get ready for the national anthem so that we can work with high morals to show our nationalism. There will be guards appointed to check if we are standing in the correct posture or not and families would have to stand and respect our national anthem. Even before sleeping, we will have to sing the national anthem and there would be cameras to check if we are doing it properly or not.

A Plea To The Respected Judges

We respect and understand your feelings behind this decision, but don’t force feed us patriotism and nationalism. These things should not be taught in cinema halls. If we are failing to teach our children about the national anthem and its rules in school the solution is not to to impose it in cinema halls. If you say it is time people expressed their “love for the motherland,” but I want to say that I have been expressing my love to this country from the day that I was taught that I am a citizen of India and that this is my motherland. If the day comes, I will be standing on the front lines with my soldiers.

If we interpret your words in a way, it sums up like this: before this day, people were not showing respect towards our country, people were not feeling that it is their motherland and people don’t know how to respect their country. All those 70 years were totally wasted because we didn’t have cinema halls throughout. Patriotism and nationalism is inherent in me and I don’t need a cinema hall or some fancy restaurant to show how patriotic I am.

At last, being an Indian citizen I owe allegiance to it. I respect your order.