Open Letter To PM Modi: ‘From Babri To Dadri, BJP Divides India. Why Are You Silent?’

Posted by MD Mubashshir Naseer in Politics
December 14, 2016

Mr. Prime Minister, you banned the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) and we didn’t raise a voice against it even though that organisation had no direct links to any terror attack but on the other hand, you let loose organisations like Bajrang Dal creating terror in a common man’s life. At one hand you claim that we are moving forward but on another hand, these regressive terror spreading organisation are creating a havoc in common man’s life and you fail to act against them. Bajrang Dal is accused of raping two women of the minority community and very recently beating up a woman and forcing her to make a distress call to her alleged lover who again turns out to be from the minority community and then thrashing him.

This doesn’t even stop here the list goes on and on. Your double standards have given us the feeling that somewhere even you desire all of this to happen and in turn, it has also pushed us to question the integrity of the chair you hold. From Babri to Dadri your party has been dividing our country on the basis of communal lines while on the other hand covering up with a high octane uber-nationalism. The acts of vigilantism and lynching of minorities have seen a steep rise and have become a proud act for these organisations, under your governance. Do these not qualify as acts of terrorism? When are you planning to act against them and if not then please have the courage to come forward and accept that you strive to convert our country into a Hindu Rashtra.

Mr. Prime Minister, the Iraqis at least had an excuse of a power vacuum created by a foreign invasion that led to the rise of ISIS but what excuse will the country of Gandhi give to the world when these organisations go out of control and Lynching, Intolerance and Vigilantism become a common sight?

Mr. Prime Minister we humbly request you to act because a section of our society thinks that you were responsible for the genocide in Gujarat and they voted you for that. Now since you are in power, they believe that they can do the same all across the country without being held accountable for. Mr. Prime Minister we request you to take strict actions against these hate mongering and terror instilling organisations if not out of conscience then at least for the integrity of the chair you hold.

(Featured image: Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images and Photo Nitin Kanotra/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)