Patriotic Marketing – The Thread That Connects Jio, Paytm And Patanjali

Posted by venkat jammi rao
December 7, 2016

Patriotism is a selfless passion of love for the country. It is not the feeling one gets after Pakistan gets beaten by India in sports or the sentiment which we feel for our martyrs. Patriotism is actually a zeal to work for the nation and being proud for the same. In simple terms, marketing refers to the act of selling goods/products of services through numerous ways like advertising etc.

What if these two combine together?

Of late, many entrepreneurs and companies came up with a branding/marketing strategy directly hitting a chord with customers through patriotic marketing/branding.

These days, advertising conveys a sense of national pride, slogans/mottos are designed for consumers’ patriotism, advertisements emphasise the use of domestic materials in the manufacturing process – these are the basic things that companies have started to do.

Many organisations like Patanjali (giving consumers the feel of buying a purely domestic product), Reliance Jio and Paytm (using government’s policy as a tool of strategy for marketing) successfully chose to use patriotic means of marketing to make consumers get a feeling of nationalism or being patriotic while purchasing their product and the primary factor for their success is because Indian consumers have become an emotional clan.

For those organisations or companies looking for a way to appeal to a large consumer bases, patriotic marketing could prove to be a magic wand.