Perfectly Living Dreams vs. Dreaming Perfect

Posted by Udayveer Singh
December 19, 2016

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We’re taught to work and study hard since our childhood for a better tomorrow, but I feel that it’s the time for me at least, to stop and reflect how it works and if it’s the right way to live.

People around the globe, most of them, think it’s worth their while to work hard today for wealthy years of retirement in distant future. But is the ability to have fun received in the age when one can barely walk by himself is worth it? These people usually end up losing joyful stuff to only realize that good times aren’t ever materialized.

I suggest everyone, to aim for the “unrealistic” things like traveling the world which will set you apart from people thinking “realistically” and settling for mediocrity Plus, with most people aiming for the good stuff, the great stuff is available for a lot less fierce competition.

Unlike people who spend life living away from their dreams, taking safe roads of hard work with an illusion of joyful retirement. This has to stop because the perfect moment as per the people who are successful as well as happy to live your dreams is NOW.

This fantasy-like life is nowadays more easily possible which only one thing that everyone needs; an automatic income: a source of money that can be managed effortlessly from anywhere on the planet with along an income that you can earn while sleeping. The best examples are people in photography, writing, music, art business who can create their works anywhere and share using our super technology to anywhere with earning while the stuff is being sold everywhere even when they are in their sleep.

Living a true life, from my experience is doing stuff that may seem unworthy but is Fun, because we only live once, having hard conversations which are Important because they’ll set you free and disregarding conventions that others stick to because doing so will make you different.

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