The Back Story Of Building RedBus, The Startup That Revolutionised The Travel Industry

Posted by Nitya Sriram in Entrepreneurship, Video
December 22, 2016

“I’d love to do this, but…”

How many times have we given up on our dreams, simply because we were too afraid to try something new? How many tasks have we left unfinished, only because we didn’t think we were good enough, or the work wasn’t going the way we wanted it to go? Entrepreneur Phanindra Sama’s story has an important message for all of us who are guilty of this.

In this interview organised by INK, Sama, who co-founded the online bus service aggregator RedBus, narrates how the service was conceptualised and what it took to build the success it enjoys today. Like many others who have tried their hand at something new and stepped out of their comfort zones, Sama, who had a steady job before he turned an entrepreneur, was faced with many daunting challenges during the journey, including self-doubt and criticism from others.

His humble narration of the incredible journey – from the ideation, creation and the eventual sale of Redbus – convinces us that inspiration can, indeed, be found everywhere, and given the right attitude, the will to work hard and step out of our comfort zones, the sky’s the limit.

This post is a part of a tech and entrepreneurship series by Youth Ki Awaaz, in collaboration with INK. This series aims to highlight unheard stories of individuals who had the courage to follow their dreams, and their journeys of success and failure. Watch more videos from INK here, and if you want to share the story of an inspiring entrepreneur, submit here.