Post Demonetisation: Over 82 Deaths, Unpaid Workers, Diplomatic War And More

Posted by Youth Ki Awaaz in News
December 3, 2016

Rising death toll: According to a report in The New Indian Express, a 32-day-old infant died in her mother’s arms as she stood in a long, suffocating queue in a stuffy room in United Bank of India’s Katihar branch. This incident has brought the total death toll to 82. In Bihar, a hospital did not allow a deceased man’s family to take his body for 12 days as they did not have new notes to pay the fee. In another incident, in-laws murdered their daughter-in-law as she failed to pay dowry in the new Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 notes.

Unpaid workers: According to a reporting in Business Standard, eight million bidi workers haven’t received their wages since November 8. The workers who are typically paid Rs. 50 to Rs. 250 a day on a weekly basis were not paid due to unavailability of new notes. In Agra, lives have been paralysed as over three lakh shoe workers have struggled to find work ever since the Government announced demonetisation.

Diplomatic war: A report in Economic Times states that Pakistan High Commission diplomats have put up strong protests, refusing to take their payable-in-dollar salaries from Indian banks. Demonetisation has spiked the demand for dollars, making it scarcely available – hence, making it difficult for diplomats to withdraw their salaries.