Rich And Poor Society Of Punjab

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Today we generally can see two different communities living in Punjab, one who lives in foreign countries and their relatives still live in Punjab with all the comforts of life. Other who lives in Punjab are local farmers who become poorer day by day in debts, increase cases of suicide or self-destruction and in between frustrate Punjabi youth dealing with addiction. We can define this difference with an example of luxurious car stand at one home and the muffled sound of grief in the same neighborhood. In winter, mostly in every village spend lakhs in the organization of kabaddi tournament but the condition of village school keep remain miserable.

It’s always said that every problem has an opportunity. During ’80s Punjab’s black days when agriculture and Indian Army were the only options for Punjabi Youth’s employment and in search of peace and work, many Punjabi families had migrated to foreign countries, According to this report almost 2 million Sikhs have already migrated from India to Foreign countries. But, lack of foreign education and not fluent with foreign countries local language, Punjabi’s normally started low profiles jobs or driving kind of work. And, in short duration with their hard work, they earned all luxuries to lead a comfortable life. While, this may also describe in other words which support by foreign governments policy’s in favor of their citizen in regards of employment, free health medical and free school education. In Foreign countries, Normally, everyone may get work very easily like in every family, every member has been occupied with jobs and reason being of government policies it would not make much difference in earnings ratio.

This foreign earning will have more value when it converts in Indian Rupees like one Canadian Dollar is equivalent to 50 Indian Rupees. And, during Canada’s winter season, in ice snow days which force to stop works in Factories and in other manufacture units. This is the time, when most Punjabi foreigners come back to their own country and their 2 month stay here design an image of celebrity life which includes shopping in thousands of Indian Rupees, Dinner with luxuries food and wine and get special attention in every social function. Normally, local Punjabi youth cannot read Punjabi foreigner’s anxiety which washes out all hard work done by Punjabi Foreigners. And, because in fear to loss foreign reputation status, Punjabi Foreigners normally not shares their life difficulties with Punjabi’s local youth

In same period of time, small and medium Punjabi Farmer live in soreness who has borrowed huge amount from banks or local capitalist. Half of Punjabi Farmers, occupy land on yearly lease. Many times during winter either rain or ice hailstone ruin wheat crop and lay down on land or in summer cotton crop destroy by American Sundi (Crop Insect)., ultimate tears comes from farmer eyes. Many times, Crop cannot return even their seedy expenses. Its not take farmer in deep dig of frustration and financial crisis but bark his social reputation as well, when he cannot full fill his responsibility towards his home and society. This kind of circumstances drag farmer to trash him towards self-destruction. According to this report, In 2015, Total 449 Punjab’s Farmer suicide case reported.

Trend to go to foreign is on high pitch in Punjabi demos. According to this report, Over 20,000 youths from Punjab attempt illegal migration every year to 57 different countries. Nowadays, for marriage you just need a foreign passport which just hide other regulation condition for marriage like your age, cast, religion and how much land you have. Just need a foreign stamp on Passport. These are the reasons why Punjabi youth appetite towards foreign countries even this fondness stand entire home to sell in market. Still, few can live their dreams and most of them being frustrated will keep stay in Punjab, which will be the main reason to become addicted. This story has one more face which can called unemployment of Punjab, still Punjabi youth has only two option cultivation and Indian Army for livelihood.

Nowadays, your standard of sanity can only evaluate with money which you have. By following this rule, Dollar is much ahead of us, still We have to heal this imparity ditch of dollar and rupees in Punjabi Society. I may request to foreign Punjabi to confide their foreign life difficulties with local Punjabi youth. Foreigner Punjabi may have urge to search employment in his birth soil and may invest to build livelihood other than agriculture. They may have fun to finance local kabaddi game but also help to reconstruct village school building, help child to get education for betterment in their life. If one foreigner Punjabi family may decide to Sustenance one local Punjabi kid, this will help us to rise life standard of local Punjabis and can washed up difference of Rich and Poor and more important can save some lives.

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