What ‘Rock On 2’ Says About Finding One’s Artistic Self

Posted by Naman Singh
December 2, 2016


Art is much more than a gimmicky presentation. While many of us view it as a peculiar show that takes time to develop and is above the ordinary, some of us have just deliberated it as a way of life. It is the talk of the common personality in the garb of some famous stalwarts that Shujaat Saudagar portrays in “Rock On 2”. The musical dreams of an erstwhile raging band, ‘Magik’, seemingly afflict with the unfortunate demise of a young stellar singer – Rahul, who loses his life to shattered ambitions, apparently because of an unrealised condescending attitude of the band. And, this create spaces for its members to tread their individual paths.

One of the members namely Aditya chooses physical seclusion over his relationships and riches and finds himself amid the very simplistic rural setting of Meghalaya, India. This move of his popularly comes across as penance, however, it seems like more of a way to motivate his hidden humanity posing itself as guilt and/or despondency. Sakshi (his wife), his child and friends have accepted this reality as they frequent him oft, however, Sakshi is mostly silent about her having entered into a state of doldrums where she experiences utter loneliness and hence, needs to be taken care of.

Emphasising the lives of Rob and KD (the other members), they have taken heart in leading an existence smeared by the hope of reliving their selves of true performers. On a generic level, Sakshi, Rob and KD  flourish into beings of balance who have found peace in the nonlinearity of life.

In such a scenario enters Jia who keeps her most creative side unleashed until she finds herself recording in the studio before the Magik trio to lift up the hopes of Uday who aspires to make a mark in the world of music. It is true that Jia meets Aditya accidently just to revive his faith in life and hence, she comes as a reminder that all is not over for him!

So once Aditya knows of her inner spark, he tries to bring out the best in her and this shows up as a way of compensating for the dismal suicide of Rahul. To top it all, Jia is Rahul’s sibling and she brings Aditya to a realisation that Rahul’s death is not majorly his fault when he himself spills the beans. The fact that Jia hides the musician in her and that Rahul too had been forced to go through the same, is rather a product of their father’s staunch stand in the Indian classical form of music. In a turbulent situation, Jia tries to loosen up the burden off Aditya’s chest while placing herself in temporary pensive modes.

And as Aditya succeeds in lifting up his spirits, he passes on the same energy to Jia and Magik puts together a concert to support the disaster-struck people of Meghalaya whose sorrows are felt and lessened with the help of a bunch of rejuvenated individuals. In a nutshell, “Rock On 2” pictures some fissured selves and heals them throughout its progression. However, everyone of us encounter cracks in our very own skins but embracing them and moving on is what makes us truly artistic in nature. Artistic, because while leading a life of an active conscience we acquire perseverance and patience and which extracts the best humans out of us and makes us true rockstars.