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What The Hell Makes A Story Viral? ScoopWhoop’s Sattvik Mishra Has The Answers

Posted by Nitya Sriram in Culture-Vulture, Staff Picks, Video
December 28, 2016

“How far will my story go?”

This question preys on every writer’s mind throughout the writing process. It is common knowledge that every story doesn’t travel the same distance. While writing, you may have experimented over and over, tried different permutations and combinations, with the aim to achieve a consistently successful output for your stories. After all, we’re all competing with so many kinds of content with overlapping targets – a video of a pet, a listicle about the best books to read, or a piece about the best rugs to tie your room together, and so on.

For all the writers who have wondered if there is a secret formula for success in content creation, watching this video of Sattvik Mishra, co-founder of ScoopWhoop, delivering his talk at an event organised by INK is a must. ScoopWhoop, which was founded in 2013, has built an impressive database of 30 million users in just three years. And having been a founding member of the team that achieved this mammoth task, Mishra has collected a bagful of lessons on what works and doesn’t when it comes to writing a story, which he shares.

At a time where writers everywhere want their stories to be discovered by thousands of people, Mishra’s advice on impactful content creation and delivery is extremely helpful and thought-provoking.

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