The Tragedy Of Being That ‘Good Looking Face’

Posted by Meetu Pandey in Body Image
December 19, 2016

How quick we are at judging a pretty face! Enough has been said and written about the struggles of people who fail to meet the stereotyped norms of being good looking, but the reality is, not all good looking for the conventionally pretty faces either.

We look at these beautiful, ‘goddess-like women’ and ‘handsome deliciously groomed men’ and wonder what else do they need in life! Unaware of their side of the struggle, we are judgemental enough to believe that life has been kind to them.

Everyone hails the ‘average’ looking lady at the office who worked so hard and got the due promotion, well done, dear, you deserve it! But the same lot of people think a little differently about their beautiful colleague on her promotion. – “She got the promotion because of her good looks”, “she must have smiled her way up the corporate ladder”, “she doesn’t have to work for recognition, the boss wanted a chance from the start itself”. Therefore, “life has been easy on the lucky girl”, could never earn her promotion the way her peer did. Her good looking face would overshadow her hard work, sincerity and at times even character.

She also loses her newly hitched male friends since their insecure partners couldn’t think of a reason why he wouldn’t be cheating on them with her.

Men too suffer the wrath of the rude misconceptions. Any charming face that belongs to a well-built physique is dubbed a ‘player’. “No guy sweats and crafts those six packs to date just one girl.” Why can’t the man be simple, respect women and work on his body just because he likes it and not because he is desperate for female attention?

We often have our relatives and friends advising each other to go for a conventionally average looking life partner, as it would guarantee his lifelong interest in you and they wouldn’t go anywhere else, for they’d know they would never land anything like you anywhere else! If you go for a ‘hunk’, you are ruining your life, they will always have options, always have everyone’s attention.   

Is this fair? Are we not being painfully judgemental? Why couldn’t a good looking man honestly love and desire his wife?

It only goes downhill when it comes to love. We all have that friend we find stunningly beautiful, who we know will find the best partner ever, there is no way she wouldn’t! This is the most painful aspect of the lives of these ‘gorgeous looking’ people, they will never know, that the person they have been courting likes them only because they look like a certain way or because they really adore the person for who they actually are. We cannot even remotely sense the agony of being a “trophy” instead of a cherished human. What a feeling would that be? To be able to stay real and still loved while the other half of the population keeps grooming themselves to perfection. Even this ‘desirability’ doesn’t give them the peace of mind, there will always be someone ‘prettier’ that’ll get them insecure.