Sustenance Through Creativity

Posted by Mugdha
December 21, 2016

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Education is a debatable topic in India. Many people believe that despite bringing so many changes to the system, it’s still not much beneficial as it majorly focuses on academics and eclipses the importance of extracurricular activities. Many schools fail to teach their students in a creative yet effective way. Because of which the students suffer a great deal when it comes to overall development which an issue mostly faced by the children belonging to poor families who can’t afford to study in private schools and are studying in government schools.

Many such instances of government schools lacking proper faculties and facilities both have resurfaced over the past few years. It does not just end here. In rural areas, there are several schools in India that are being run by a single teacher who is doing all the jobs, from being a principal to a clerk. Education plays a major role in shaping a child’s future. It determines the course of their life.

The education that a child gets at his or her school should have significant amounts of both, academics as well as the extracurricular activities.

Another problem that these children have face is being forced to choose mainstream career paths as their neither have money nor resources to do choose other streams that require paid guidance. Despite having the potency to excel in other fields, they follow the set trends. This not only becomes suffocating for them, it also up to some extent, obliterates their creative sides.


Dot Org, an organization being run by college students, has taken an initiative to solve this problem using a simple yet powerful tool, art.

This organization has been working for the past one year, collaborating and working with like-minded people and schools to impart art education, life skills, and knowledge to children.

“We aim to build a more sustainable future through art.” – Dot Org

Their approach towards teaching and learning focuses on implementing art in such a way that helps supplement the education that the child gets at his or her school. They take free art and craft classes for the poor children to help them learn the things that they are not taught in their local schools. These fun-filled activities are aimed at bringing out the creative side in child and showing them that they can use their creative and innovative brains and ideas to build a future for themselves.

                                                                                  Children enjoying the freedom to imagine and express

Campaign in schools

They conduct campaigns and workshops in schools across the country to educate the kids on web literacy and many such important topics.They have got many words of appreciation and love from the children that they teach. In one such incident, while the team was helping Christ Faith Home, an orphanage in Chennai, prepare for Daan Utsav , a five year old girl, Drishti, who is usually a shy and quiet child, came forward to help them in making the props for the event, as she loved painting and drawing. These campaigns are a way of imparting knowledge about web to the kids who, in this era of digitalization and internet have no proper way of learning about it.

Children busy learning new and fun concepts at one of the workshops in Kolkata, West Bengal


Instead of relying on donations from other people, the team prefers to work for the money to run the organization.

They paint the walls of restaurants and offices with customized artworks that they design themselves. The money from these activities is used for the sustenance of the organisation and the arrangement of the materials required to take classes for the children.

                                                                              Each canvas has a different story to tell no proper way of learning about it.



They are constantly welcoming support and help from people who have similar interests as theirs and want to do something to change the condition of the education in our country.Please feel free to contact on us if you wish to know us better or if you want to be a part of this initiative

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