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Why You Should Spend More Time On Yourself

Posted by Jyoti Sharma
December 14, 2016

Love is a contagious disease. Each one of us has fallen in love many times. But are you in love with yourself? Is the answer no? Well, it is high time to work on yourself for your sake.

You don’t flirt when someone looks good. You flirt when you look good. And it is so true in other aspects as well. Like, you do not want to go outstation until you are excited, no matter how excited others are. You do not want to be part of the pictures until you look good. You do not want to have fun, laugh, take part in adventure or be a part of memories until you are in a good mood.

Yes, it all starts with you. If you think of your responsibilities on any day, then it would surely be – finance, family, domestic chores, professional work, amongst other things. And I think it is same for most people. In this routine, the most overlooked and important responsibility is you. It is not a luxury, it is a responsibility.

When it comes to some responsibility it becomes a serious issue. Such as being a supportive son, daughter, wife, husband, showing up for your friends, helping folks, office work. All these are few of the important responsibilities. Yet, when it comes to taking care of yourself it seems to be a luxury which you save for birthdays and holidays. You must take it as a responsibility to make yourself feel good, to make yourself happy, confident and proud. Make yourself what you actually are. Be a person with whom your family wants to be surrounded by, with whom you partner wants to go on a date and with whom you friends love to hangout.

No one can do it for you. Take a call and start working on yourself. No matter how good people call you, you do not act like that until you really feel it. As a result, you get drowned into the scapegoat syndrome where you make excuses and blame others to call your life grumpy, dreary, hasty and shabby. Here comes the point where everyone loses. It is not being selfish, it is self-preservation.

When you do not spend time for yourself, you feel bad. And when you feel bad for yourself, you automatically feel bad for everything else. Here, I am not saying that you should neglect your other responsibilities. Neither am I saying that you should be obsessed with your looks. But I am certainly talking about doing things that you love. Try to understand the responsibility that you have towards yourself.

So, start spending some time to let the best version of you come out. However, it has different meanings for different people. It could be spending that extra time to put on the mascara, to click pictures, to water the plants, to lose some calories (however, it is to gain some calories in my case) or to buy a sexy outfit. Do whatever makes you happy buddy, whatever makes you feel good and whatever makes you want to flirt (metaphorically, of course).