The City Which Feels Like Home

Posted by ayushi patni in Society
December 15, 2016

Someone who has incessantly spent their life in Jaipur is bound to be in love with the Pink City. And I am clearly no exception.

Jaipur is special for me. It’s the city where I was born and brought up. Although life is not ultra fast paced here, there is undoubtedly no dearth of globalisation – malls, metros, theatres spread across large pockets of the city. Loneliness and isolation are clearly disregarded in my city. People comprehend each other just like a feather in feather, which merges in quickly. Sorrowful situations are times when friends join to support. There is a common string which bonds people together – simplicity. Blessed with an innate ability to spot happiness in every phase of life, Jaipurites bond over food, life, travel and all things jovial.

The city has a plethora of culture and notable historic architecture which renders absolute beauty and divinity by day. By night, there is peace and people observe respite from all the shackles of life.

The beautiful city rests in complete harmony with her endowed nature and ever growing urbanisation.

Jaipur is loved more because it houses my home and my lovable family. My home is where air arouses comradeship. My home is where, though differences exist, yet immense love and support floats.

Home is the sanctum which knows “nothing of the world” It is a beautiful harbour to those who maintain it. Moreover, it is the shrine of my best affections, the bosom of my fondest recollections. And rightly said, “The best thing ever is that which stays around forever.” The essence of my home will linger around me wherever I am.