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December 20, 2016

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“Education is the only weapon to eradicate the current problems of the world”

These beautiful words from the saviour of Black people and the revolutionary Gandhi of South Africa Mr. Nelson Mandela exceptionally justifies the value of education and the usage of it as an effective weapon against the hurdle for a peaceful world.

Let me not contradict the subject into a narrower path let us understand discipline that the subject of education demands. ‘EDUCATION’ what does it define? Our proactive and various rebellious leaders across the world have defined it in various different aspects which make it difficult for the scholars to define this singular word in its form. Since there is no single explanation I have various questions provoking my inner conscious which may answer this dilemmatic question. The conscious asks me whether the education is confined only towards studying and rote learning. Is it the basic platform for every human to structure a successful career or job? Or is it to maintain a commendable name in family or society?

Yes, it might be to those modern amateurs learning bots who accidently or blindly fall into dingy dungeon of education and loose the self-belief and aim but for the philosophers willing to revolutionize the education have different ideas and view regarding education.



Mr. Sydney Harries is one such philosopher who took the base to understand the simplicity in the education and believed in education as an instrument to turn mirrors into windows. Theoretically  mirror means himself and window means chance. First gain the knowledge by education and apply that in world. Mr. Harris in his ingenious speech conveyed that most people are mirrors reflecting their moods and emotions of the times they have passed through. “Few are windows bringing light on dark corners when troubles fester. The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” These fascinating words fester me with many tangling thoughts and at the end I am cornered to stay by his notions.

In simple terms I could decipher that Mr. Harris appealed the humankind to respect and love learning and grow to accept the reality and avoid the bias of choosing everything as fact. He insisted to use education as a property weapon to change the mode of being a herd sheep or desolation to the sphere of humanity that offers alternative and positive solution to every hurdle and provides an insight of a better humanity.


Learn to survive the challenges!!

Education is not only a platform for us to learn living or to medicate us to a successful career and settled family but education is something that includes the glamour of our personality, ethical value and honour the aim and discipline that crafts this world a hub for peace and global friendship. The contemporary world is now being stacked with the concept of literacy and development. In broader view the world believes that the literacy could bring significant change in development and it’s largely true on the greener side but to understand education it necessary to break the ice between education and literacy.

A farmer is well educated and learnt in his profession than a qualified scholar but the farmer is still considered an illiterate. We often notice the highly qualified intellectuals discarding the value of farmers and other low-grade professionals for they are under the shadow of illiteracy in the name of education. If the same is considered in our education every illiterate as said so under literacy is strongly well educated in comparison with qualified scholar but his field is confined to his profession and he doesn’t hold the authentication to prove his skill or knowledge.

Let us make the point more effective, education is not passing out with a qualified degree but it’s about learning to respect every module of our culture and society, loving the life we lead and propel us to create an ideal society where inspiration, ethics and love battles over greed , poverty and selfishness. This is the notch where the effort of qualified scholar should term effective by working as stakeholder in filling the void created in education. Education rambles on two planes the good and the bad provoking a very fearful conflict to understand the memorandum of education, it’s not the good or the bad education that defines the change but the way we interpret it.

The world provides phenomenal example to validate the role of a better education. There are examples of people who initiated the ruthless destruction of humanity with explosive weapons and on the other hand there are people working with the same chemistry to provide cure to thousands of horrifying diseases. The world at present is not suffering with the violence of bad people but with the silence of good people because the bad education is more effective than the good education validated by the above example. Therefore let us use education in building a qualitative environment that promotes good education that provides links for a better society and hinder the up rise of evils over the past few years.


A Teacher for a life…

Education is a very effective and sensitive tool since it carries both constructive and destructive tool. To perceive this let us contemplate education in terms of business terms, it works as a very large work base and has a large labour pool which defines the outcome. The labour base is composed of huge number of agents, brokers and retailers that is expressed in a singular title as teachers. Teachers are effective stakeholders and works as quality ambassadors to inject the product of education in every aspiring customer, so it is the former that shapes the latter. Every aspiring customer is termed as student, a student arraying a wax shaping itself upon the ideas of the who is the teacher and those with good shape are the workouts of proper education from a teacher.

The teacher is a global ambassador of education. There had been a time a teacher was considered equal to the almighty and here is this modern day where the profession is a choice of low grade. It looks little surprising but to understand this sudden shift it is required to map out the motto of education. The present world has welcomed the education to the platform of greed and selfishness trapping it under the hands of money to advertise education to the life of business. The makeshift of education with business created a dull void that has altered the focus of every student towards casualty and insecurity. This little change has made a great leap in making the education a face of hatred, violence and greed. Though we have the word education it is completely a different contaminated education that is quite difficult to illustrate in simpler phrase.


A Girl has her Rights!!
A Girl has her Rights!!

The face of education is deteriorating over time and the savage is completely pressured on its ambassadors called teachers. To make this change it is important to change the mode set at present. It is also important to change the hurdles along the education and one such hurdle is the equality in education with focus on gender.

Education for female, the world is raising its support towards quality education to females and it has reached a sustainable level. Our father of nation Gandhiji insisted “If you educate a man you are educating a person and if you are educating a woman you are educating a family and a whole nation”, this sentence hold an intense sense of gravity of gender equality with a powerful outsource. Let us be part of this mission and bring it to a good level.

Education is not only an effective weapon but a divine power made for every one of us because only an educated person can be effective since this person knows the best to handle education as a candle to light the other candles and transform the present war torn, disease ridden and violence affected world to a greener, peaceful and beautiful world that respects, humanity, nature and SELF.

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