To Change.

Posted by Vishwajith A Rao Chavan
December 30, 2016

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We all come into this world kicking and crying. The mother and the family is overwhelmed to see their baby, the baby is overwhelmed by the new world it’s come out to. Then? We grow up.
India is going to be the youngest country in the world shortly. Yes, we’ll have the highest youth rate. So let’s be the change we want to see shall we?
Gender. The term society uses to term us as a male or female. Then why do you say, “don’t talk loud, you’re not a boy” or “don’t be such a girl and cry over it, man up.” So should our gender decide our actions now?
Speaking about genders, let me not forget the transgender people of our society. But wait, is it my fault I forgot to mention the transgender people? Transgender people. They are disowned, disrespected, shamed, tabooed just because we cannot classify them as a “man” or a “woman”.
We are all the same. We are one. We are humans.
Then what is it that makes the same family that welcomes the baby with celebrations, disown their baby when it can’t be termed as a boy or a girl? Just because they can’t label it as him or her? Transgender people are forgotten my friends.
So let’s stop being so busy with our lives, our phones, social media and let’s actually make a change.

Here is a survey that aims at  finding out the mindset of the society regarding gender issues.


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