“The Legend Laid To Rest”: Twitter Reacts To Amma’s Death And Burial

Posted by Sourya Majumder in Politics, Society
December 6, 2016

Messages have started pouring in since the passing of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK general secretary Jayalalithaa Jayaraman on Monday, the 5th of December, at 11.30 PM, after a prolonged, 48-hour struggle with life. For her legions of followers and admirers across TN and even beyond its borders, this has been a day of profound grief and shock; even her detractors and political opponents have expressed grief and appreciation for what she managed to achieve. While discussions and debates about her legacy as both a corrupt, authoritarian leader as well as a powerful female figure navigating the murky, male-dominated bylanes of South Indian (or, indeed, Indian) politics and emerging victorious (repeatedly) will continue, today has largely been dedicated to a steady stream of tributes to the iconic figure.

Twitter, unsurprisingly, has become a reservoir of grief and respect for the beloved Puratchi Thalaivi (leader), as thousands of people tweeted their grief and/or respects, even as the procession marched towards her final resting place and she was eventually buried.

From the many people she has affected, in various ways, both positive and negative:

To politicians of various stripes and allegiances:


To celebrities, academics, and other prominent figures from across the country:

Amma’s legacy will be felt for many years to come, both in how her party and her state now operate, and within the larger ambit of national politics, but what is clear from these tweets is just how high she had risen and how deeply her influence was felt.