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When You’re Bisexual But Gotta Prove It In This Obstacle Course

Posted by Cake in Cake, Popsicle
December 5, 2016

By Cake Staff:

Being openly bisexual means having to deal with a whole lot of stuff. People who are both straight and gay will often tell you your sexual orientation isn’t real. And trying to own your identity in the midst of all that can be really, really difficult. Tumblr user ‘a-mock-turtle’ took some of those feelings of frustration and turned them into a humorous post that is just oh-so-relatable for anyone struggling to assert their bisexuality:

This obstacle course is no fun, and we shouldn’t expect bisexual (or biromantic!) folks to have to prove themselves here. So show that “B” in “LGBTQ” some love, y’all! Because all identities on the queer spectrum are real and valid.