5 Things Not To Do At The End Of The Year

Posted by Sayantani Mondal in Society
December 2, 2016

“I can’t keep calm because it is December.”

This should ideally be the header of this blog, since nobody keeps calm in their birth month. The last month of the year is the happiest month for me. As I am going to turn 23 in two days, I thought about sharing a list of the things that I should not do in December –

1. Stop self-loathing: You have not achieved some of the goals that you have set for 2016. OK, lets be fair, you might have not achieved any of them. But, why bother about it at the last moment? Yes, you could have thought about it in May, June and October as well, but trust me, worrying about an unsuccessful year at the 12th month does not make any difference.

2. Don’t look back: You chucked that job interview in June, but your friend cracked it and now they earn a lucrative package. You screwed up in the final semester in August, and dropped a pointer in the final mark-sheet. Does that change your life? There will be millions of opportunities at your door, and you don’t need to look back to the moments you missed.

3. Get off the agenda: Since everybody of my age is either cluttered with the pressure of their ‘new-found job’ or are huddling through the tough interviews, can we, please sit back and relax? Can we please think about our hobbies, our families, our friends and all those that make us feel happy? December is a month too late for the planning of the current year, and also too early to plan for the next year. So, enjoy the winters with a chill pill!

4. Celebrate: December is the month of celebrations. This is the only month especially in my city when the oil tankers in your skin stop producing embarrassment called ‘sebum’ and your body does not sweat. Get out of your comfort zone, mingle with people and party. Stop worrying about weight-gain, pimples and anything. We have a lifetime ahead to worry about things, right now we can focus on lights and Christmas only?

5. Stop living in the future: I know you and I will achieve a hell lot of things in 2017. At least, we might pretend to do so by preparing a long list of resolutions. We have the entire month of January for this. But, we don’t essentially need to waste our December longing for January. We can learn a new language, learn a new skill, lose 10kg, kick-start our career, get the appointment letter from our dream organisation, get exciting appraisals and all that; but, NOT NOW!

There is nothing wrong in admitting that we cannot be perfect in every aspect. So is a year. If 2016 was not good for you, it is not your fault, nor the year is to be blamed on. There will be a perfect time for everything, and everything will fall into their places. Set lose your regime of planning and preparations, and bid the year ‘adieu’ with happiness in the hearts, smile on the faces and lights on the streets.

When a year ends on good note, the next one starts on a better note.