Why Can’t I Love ?

Posted by Devika Sachaphimukh
December 21, 2016

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If everything that happens in this world is for a reason, then there is a reason to why we fall in love.

Born and raised in an Indian Community, we have been taught and nurtured to believe that we should not fall in love until before getting married. Even though how hard it is we go through so many phases in our life that eventually we do fall in love.

Being a female who was raised to believe that I will marry the man my parents chose for me. I fell in love with someone who I might not even have a future with. No matter how much we love each other, in the end all that matters is how much we differ from each other. Being with him might not be the ultimate goal of my life, but when I try looking forward in my life I see him there, or at least I hope my best to see him there with me.

But falling in love is not the main problem here. The main problem is our differences  It is how different we are from each other and how our families are different from each other. How we belong to different places and different religions and How hard it is to live with someone you love who won’t be with you forever.

So My question here is to the reader. For how long will this go on? For years our country has been trying to get up and become developed. But when are we opening up, When are we letting ourselves live?

How many more people will have to break before it is okay to fall in love with someone in this society?



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