Why We Need Parks In Every Community

Posted by Arun Ag in Society
December 25, 2016

We all dream of a city full of parks, lakes, green spaces and playgrounds. Where children play together. Youth posing for photos in the garden. Elderly women sitting on side benches sipping coffee and gossiping. People gathering around for a show. Newly married couples and ongoing lovers occupy the lawn. Vendors selling balloons and chocolates. Busy sidewalks filled with people walking, eating. Full of fruit stores, cafe, souvenir and children’s toy shop. Isn’t that really enjoyable?

The 21st century has marked a significant change in all spheres of our society. We are now practising a fast paced life which has only two places to arrive and depart. The first one is our home, where we stay and second place is our workplace where we go for a living. We often miss or avoid the third place in our life- parks and playgrounds. But is it good to avoid that?  This article is about why parks are unavoidable and why it has to be in every community.

We can check what all benefits make parks and playgrounds the most important place to hangout.

Health Benefits

Parks and playgrounds play a major role in improving our health. Increased physical activities reduce the risk of non–communicable diseases like coronary heart diseases, diabetes, colon cancer and hypertension. It helps in re-distribution of fats in our body and strengthen our muscles and joints. It also increases metabolism. Thus a man can achieve a healthy body. Parks and playgrounds create a space for physical activities which helps for that achievement.

People tends to do more exercise when they have access to parks. This can be either walking, jogging, yoga or aerobics. Parks acts as a major catalyst in improving tendency of exercise among public. Exposure to natural and green spaces can make a significant change in our mental health. People who frequently take the benefits of green space have a healthy physical and psychological well-being which makes their lives more productive and beneficial.

Economic Benefits

Parks can play a major role in the increase of property value surrounding that. People would be really attracted to stay beside parks where they can go for an outing, can spend their leisure time effectively and also can provide their children with a unique space to play and have fun. The availability of fresh air itself can be an attractive factor.

Parks can be also become a city’s signature attraction for tourists. A well-maintained park with suitable facilities can draw a lot of money through tourism. Along with daily park activities, organised events like art festivals, food festivals and music and dance shows can bring positive economic impact for the neighbouring communities and local stores.

Environmental Benefits

Trees are the major source of oxygen along with that it also controls air pollution and soil erosion. It also helps in conservation of underground water. Parks can have a good green space which is filled with lot of trees which are a natural source of shades. If we are provided with enough of them in the park, people tend to show up there.

Social Benefits

These are the most important benefits of parks. They help in creating social cohesion among the community. New friendships take birth in parks. Lot of space to gather and share will create a great bonding among the community

It provides recreational opportunity to the public especially at- risk youth, low-income children and families. Thus they can experience a sense of community. Access to parks keeps at-risk youth from committing crimes by giving them an opportunity to interact with their peers and fill up idle time. This helps in the reduction of juvenile crimes.

For children, playing is learning. Parks help to develop the physical and cognitive abilities of children which make them grab success in future

As aptly put here, “Parks are crucial to the healthy development in our city, and should be a major part of any city planning going forward. Parks benefit everyone in the community. They benefit the economy. They provide important habitats for many animals. And those are just a handful of reasons why we need to stand up for the parks in our communities.









Image source: Allison Joyce/Getty Images